How Artesian Builds went from dominance to bankruptcy

Artesian Builds has long been a relatively stable and prosperous PC company in the streaming community. However, in late February 2022, some troubling details, coupled with comments from its CEO, sent the company into a downward spiral.

Twitch streamers often work with PC manufacturers to give them the ability to produce content of the highest quality. Artesian Builds has worked with several major streamers such as Mizkif and Adin Ross. However, it was their decisions, or more specifically those of their CEOs, towards the smaller streaming community that led to their humiliation.

The company has not only lost ground among the streaming communities in recent months due to controversial comments online, but has also been accused of financial bankruptcy and tax evasion. The company is currently auctioning its shares worth around one million dollars.

The rejection of a smaller streamer sparked the decline of Artesian builds

Although Artesian Builds has long had stable relationships with streamers, CEO Noah Katz and his mismanagement are widely credited as the main reason for their bankruptcy.

What triggered the free fall was a botched giveaway in February 2022. During one of their live streams, they announced that a Twitch streamer named Kiapiaa would be the giveaway recipient.

However, controversy erupted when Noah Katz decided to revoke the small streamer’s award due to the “insufficient” number of followers on her Twitch and other social accounts.

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In a condescending tone, Katz was heard saying:

“2,000 followers is below my threshold…3 days ago (Kiapia’s last upload) is within my threshold…long streams which is good. Let’s see if you have any redeeming qualities.”

He went on to further disparage the streamer by saying:

“All followers combined are still under 5,000, even across multiple social channels. I was trying to be generous…mmm, that’s a tough question.”

He then rolled out the giveaway again before announcing a new winner. According to Noah, Kiapiaa was not victorious because,

“Had three months of ambassadorship and not a single click. Not once….Deleted.”

This led to a flurry of criticism and flak hitting the CEO from the gaming community, including Kiapiaa himself, who confronted Noah. Her tweet received thousands of likes and support from various streamers.

To make matters worse, company employees exposed the mismanagement Noah had foisted on the company and its employees.

Allegations of tax evasion have also been raised against Noah’s name. It became known that the status of the company had also changed. Instead of filing tax returns, the company’s CEO was spotted buying a new car. Within weeks, the company furloughed a handful of employees, and the company’s license was eventually revoked.

We regret to inform you that we are freezing/suspending all activities effective immediately. Analysis is underway by an external lawyer for reorg. to ensure fair treatment of customers, creditors and employees. We expect more information by the end of the month. We are open to support/investments.

In April, the company announced that it was over $3 million in debt. It also owed over $400,000 to two distributors.

In June 2022, Artesian Builds announced that they had organized an official auction of their assets, including undelivered PCs ordered by streamers. Here’s what they posted on their Twitter page:

Note: Artesian Builds Inventory Bankruptcy Auction For interested buyers and qualified bidders, please see the attached notice

Here’s what Twitter users shared about the whole situation

Fans across the gaming platform have widely criticized the company’s management. Many fans shared their experience on social media platforms and revealed that they still didn’t receive their orders even after completing the payments. Here’s what the internet had to say:

In case no one saw, Artesian Builds is conducting their public auction and they might not even go bankrupt correctly. They sell content creators PCs that have been paid for and signed and also sell your data. I just posted a video about it Enjoy

Artesian Builds not only officially declared bankruptcy and auctioned off its entire inventory. But they are rightly auctioning off PCs that we built and never sent to the creators LOL BRUH

If you have purchased anything from Artesian Builds or have been in their “influencer program” be aware that they are SELLING YOUR INFORMATION. This includes billing information, names, addresses, etc. It’s legal, but is it ethical? Absolutely not.…

Not only @ArtesianBuilds owe us money, the community gifted almost 5,000 subscribers during my build and they said they couldn’t send me my pc. They post on their insta that they are auctioning off their “leftovers” and posted my PC on the pics 🤣 😂 I can’t make that up


@JakeSucky @StIcKyRamee went from laughing at customers due to low follower count to bankruptcy in about 2 months elite speed run

It is believed that even after the auction of its assets and stock, Artesian Builds will still owe over $1 million. However, many also added that auctioning off streamers’ PCs and components they didn’t deliver could have further legal ramifications.

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