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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) — Catcher Troy Claunch grabbed two outs in the ninth inning and the bases were loaded, and Texas A&M, No. 5 overall, pinned 17 runners on base before clinching a 5-4 win over No. 12 Saat Louisville scored in the first round of the College Station Super Regional. Texas A&M (41-18) and Louisville (42-20-1) play again Saturday. A victory for the Aggies would send them to the College World Series for the seventh time. A win for the Cardinals, who are aiming for their sixth CWS appearance, would force a winner-take-all game on Sunday.

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Florida’s Joseph Fahnbulleh pulled away at the NCAA track and field championships Friday night, winning the 100 and 200 meters. Fahnbulleh, who represented Liberia at the Tokyo Olympics, won the 100th title first in a personal best of 10 seconds. Tennessee freshman Favor Ashe finished second in 10.08. Oregon’s Micah Williams, who had the nation’s fastest time that year at 9.86 seconds, finished seventh. Fahnbulleh won the 200s later that night at Hayward Field, finishing in 19.83 ahead of Georgia’s Matthew Boling. Buoyed by Fahnbulleh’s performance, the Florida Gators won the men’s team title with 54 points. Texas finished second with 38.

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