Here’s how to start your career as a gaming streamer

When one hears about video games, the first thing that comes to mind is an adrenaline rush and a form of entertainment. However, there is more to it than what appears at first glance. Today, the gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers tremendous growth opportunities and potentially rewarding career opportunities. In recent years we have seen how the work landscape has changed.

While it used to be thought that only those with a good degree could afford a luxurious lifestyle, over time some out-of-the-box career fields that don’t require fancy degrees have become very popular in the GEN Y as well as GEN Z .

The reason is simple. It’s been quite a while since people started taking the mantra, “If you’re good at something, never do it for nothing” Serious.

One such unique career option that doesn’t require a masters or even high school degree but certainly requires a love of gaming is live streaming.

For those who are skilled in content creation and have the confidence to spread their gaming skills around the world, a video game streamer is the best career option. However, taking the steps at the right time is also relevant in streaming jobs, just like any other job.


A career as a streamer can be extremely challenging for aspirants. However, this career path is potentially rewarding for those who manage to do things right. There are many niche platforms built with the gaming market in mind that provide a stage for live streaming for both amateurs and professionals.

When it comes to the worthiness of this career path, everything varies from individual to individual. Some professional streamers, let’s take Pokimane, earn about sixty-six thousand dollars a month with 9.1 million followers. But on the other hand, more than 50 percent of streamers worldwide struggle to even get a glimpse of their stream.

It all depends on how you start your journey. Making it big in the streaming industry requires extreme patience and focus for the first few months, or in some cases years, which some amateurs somehow failed to do. However, for those who reach the place where they can let their imagination run wild and share their skills with the rest of the world, it all seems worth it.

Of course, worthiness also depends on being able to afford a lavish lifestyle. Well, you can even capitalize on that streaming career and make good money through fan tips, sponsorships, and advertising by taking smart steps.


Most people think that to build a career in the game streaming industry, all they have to do is be addicted to video games. In reality, however, it relies heavily on your ability to create engaging content that people really want to see.

One thing that is most important when building your career as a professional vaper is the ability to stand out to attract an audience. It takes extreme tenacity, dedication and passion to make streaming the rewarding career of a lifetime.

To get started, you have to find their genre. Switching to different playstyles and genres early in your career might not be a good idea. Audiences expect a level of familiarity and tune in when you go live only when they expect something.

The next step would be to find that pep factor. There are thousands of professional streamers broadcasting similar content. For someone to be successful, they don’t necessarily have to be a professional at gaming. They just have to find a way to make their channel stand out from the rest, either through their improvisational skills or their way of playing. You can choose any angle that can attract attention.

Before you pursue your streaming dream full-time, you need to collect those too right gears. Just a few important things, such as simple streaming PC, a recording device, a webcam and streaming software might work for you in the beginning. You can always upgrade as you progress.

Next thing you need is Trust. I’ve met so many millennials who are willing to put in the hard work but afraid of backlash from haters and too embarrassed to put themselves out there in front of their acquaintances. Being confident in your abilities and focusing on building your own name is imperative to succeed.

The last step would be to consider streaming as a career and not a hobby. Thriving in this career takes time, investment, and sacrifice. You have to adapt to new things and be persistent enough to keep going even when the game plan doesn’t work out.


In summary, a career as a streamer can be both rewarding and entertaining if pursued with dedication. However, to be successful, one must be prepared for the long road and be committed to making it happen, even if that involves adapting to new things.

The reality is, as I write this, a new advance in technology is shifting the audience’s focus. But if you have that X factor that sets them apart from other streamers and keeps their audience engaged, then they can certainly make it big.

This article was written by Mr. Abhinav Gupta, CTO, Innovana Thinklabs Limited

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