Here are 13 of our favorite celebrity kids graduating this year

As the school year draws to a close, graduation and graduation ceremonies are a constant theme for June. From Yara Shahidi to Coco Gauff, here are 13 famous kids graduating in 2022.

heiress harris

Xscape member Tameka “Tiny” Harris shared on her Instagram account that their youngest daughter, Heiress Harris, has graduated from kindergarten. The 19-second video clip showed the heiress wearing a pink cap and dress with a sash and graduation shawl that read “graduation kindergarten.”

“With all the excitement about King’s graduation, that’s what happened,” Tiny said. “We had to celebrate our baby girl @heiressdharris graduating from kindergarten! We are super proud of our first year and very grateful for her amazing home school teacher @iammighnonharris.”

King Harris

Tiny also shared the news of her son, King Harris, who is graduating from Dutchtown High School. The post also included a photo of Tiny and her husband, rapper TI, with their son.

“I’m so damn proud of our boy @the_next_king10 I don’t know what to do,” Tiny said. “A Dutchtown Graduate! We show up all day!”

Yara Shahidi

Grown-ish actor Yara Shahidi’s parents shared several photos of their daughter’s graduation from Harvard on their Instagram accounts. The 22-year-old graduated with a bachelor’s degree in African American Studies and Social Studies.

During Yara’s graduation, Keri Shahidi shared a photo of Yara along with her father Afshin and her brothers Sayeed and Ehsan.

Afshin also shared a photo of his daughter, who shared the “surreal moment” watching his daughter graduate from college.

“Beautifully surreal moment,” Afshin said. “to see our delicate petal in full bloom.”

Sofia Wylie

Sofia Wylie from the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series recently graduated from high school. The 18-year-old actress and dancer shared a post on her Instagram account of herself in her cap and dress and saying goodbye to high school.

Skylar Smith

NFL legend Emmitt Smith shared that his second oldest daughter, Skylar Smith, is a graduate of Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. Emmitt congratulated Skylar and shared that it was one of his proud father moments.

“The countdown has started. Today is Skylar’s awards ceremony at @greenhillschool,” Emmitt said. “Happy Birthday Babygirl!!!!

Shayla Gibson

Tyrese Gibson celebrates the success of his 14-year-old daughter, Shayla Gibson, with a brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost to mark the end of 9th grade. Tyrese shared that he was proud of his daughter.

“I feel terrible as a father that I missed out on this unique moment, but it is very, very clear that my daughter felt all the love that I arranged from London,” Tyrese said. “Thank you Mama Norma for being there… Funny you are in my country and I am in yours lol Happy birthday to our angel SHAYLA [ Princess ] Gibson you did it baby you made daddy soooooo proud!!!!”

Hendrix Hart

Hendrix Hart, the son of comedian and actor Kevin Hart, recently graduated from eighth grade and his dad is so proud of him. Kevin shared a photo of his eldest son with congratulatory balloons and decorations.

“The most amazing/coolest kid I know… I’m so proud of you son. Congratulations on conquering this stage of life…there are so many stages left,” said Kevin. “At this speed and pace you are ready and positioned to conquer them all. I love you champion…you make your dad proud every day!!!!! #deer”

K’mari Epps

The daughter of actor Omar Epps and his wife Keisha Epps, K’mari Mae Epps recently graduated from Sierra Canyon High School. Keisha shared a post with several pictures from her daughter’s ceremony along with her husband and other family members. Keisha wished that her daughter would continue to protect her peace and light and surround herself with people who would make her better.

“On May 25th our little girl @kmari.epps graduated from high school and we couldn’t be prouder✨ You did it my Nīna!!! May God continue to cover you and bless you in abundance. You are intelligent, trustworthy, graceful, kind, sweet, talented, humble and generous,” Keisha said. “You really are a beautiful spirit. You are a light and a shoulder to your friends and to me too. My best friend! How blessed am I! As you close this chapter to enter another, remember to put God first, protect your peace, light, and core, and surround yourself with people who will help you get better. There will be challenges, but they are never meant to break you, just help shape you. No matter which trend is on or off – keep your path of integrity as before! And never forget – errors are just another form of GPS to help you better navigate this life. Work hard but work smarter and as your dad always says – discipline and consistency are key! It’s time to make another mark on the world, my LOVE. LIGHT IT!”

Coco Gauff

Tennis player Coco Gauff celebrated her recent high school graduation with pictures from Paris, France.

Gauff posted photos in hat and robe in front of the Eiffel Tower on her Instagram account – where she is currently preparing for the French Open.


Rapper Future made sure to show some love to his adopted son Jaiden after he graduated high school. Jaiden shared several photos of himself, his mother Future and some of his schoolmates on his Instagram.

Omoye Assata Lynn

Rapper and actor Common proudly confirmed the graduation of his daughter Omoye Assata Lynn. Common shared a video of Lynn’s graduation ceremony on his Instagram account, saying he couldn’t be prouder of her and praising her for graduating in just three years.

“There are no words to describe how proud I am! Completing law school at Howard University in the three years is quite AMAZING,” said Common. “Congratulations to my daughter and all 2022 graduates. Now get out there and be great!”

Aliyah Amani Arenas

Reality star Laura Govan was celebrating graduating from high school with her ex, son of former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, Alijah Amani Arenas. Govan praised her son for being a straight A student and a great son and brother to her and his siblings in the long post.

“We will, we will, we made it!!!!!! Alijah Amani Arenas, we did it! You are welcome. You deserve more than… Anything you do is worth the 5am A student with no complaints,” Govan said. “The big brother, you are R for your siblings & The son is for me! Life is a storm son and it all comes down to how I set you up to survive and I’ve done a damn fine job!!! I have ur front and back of each chapter, let’s close this book and start a new one. I’m ready I know UR so let’s rock! Dear UN, I am so proud of you. @alijah0arenas Always N ForEva Ur #1 Fan… #InRealLife #UghNIHaveOn5InchHeels lol”

Torrence “Tootie Raww” Hatch Jr.

Controversial rapper Boosie also watched one of his children rise in life as he shared a photo of his son Torrence Hatch Jr. wearing a hat and dress and holding a stack of money after his inauguration ceremony.

The two can be seen in the photo, both flipping the bird, with an exciting caption of gifts he has for his now high school grad.

“Everything, he did it. Graduation 22′ you all know I’m about to cut up,” Boosie said. “Pocket full of money GED [and] Pu**y is waiting for him.”

While many celebrities celebrate their children’s achievements and progress in their scientific careers, we salute the 2022 graduates.

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