Henry Cavill’s Superman future gets promising update

Despite being DC’s most famous face, Superman doesn’t have the presence in the DCEU that fans might have expected. Henry Cavill was the latest actor to bring The Man of Steel to the big screen in three blockbuster films, but the British star has been absent since the 2017 debacle justice league.

With Ben Affleck finally returning as Batman in two films next year, many are wondering when Cavill will be back to don the iconic red cape. The actor currently starring in Netflix The WitcherIt was recently rumored that he showed up at San Diego Comic-Con to reveal his upcoming return, but that turned out to be false.

Though Cavill was absent from Comic-Con, a new report has provided a promising update on his future as Superman.

Henry Cavill’s future as DC’s Superman

Henry Cavill, Superman
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During a chat between fandangos Erik Davis and The Wraps Umberto Gonzalez on Twitter Spaces, the insiders offered a promising update on Henry Cavill’s future as Superman in the DCEU.

Gonzalez noticed that first “The Multiverse Must Stay” if DC wants to advance both Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU:

“The multiverse has to stay if they want to keep it [Supergirl actress] Bringing back Sasha Calle and a new Superman or bringing back Cavill or something, that has to be the reality.”

Davis then questioned Gonzalez about what he knew about Cavill’s Superman future and said he heard a story about it “You asked him, and he doesn’t want to do it:”

Erik Davis: “What have you heard about Henry lately, I heard a story that they asked him out and he doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t want to come back.”

Gonzalez revealed the news of the Warner Bros. Discovery regime “how [Cavill] as Superman” and maybe try to bring him back, but that will depend “Whoever the new DC guy is overseeing the universe:”

“I’m pretty sure that if he heard the right attitude… I know the current regime likes him as Superman and I think they’ll try… That’s probably going to be a story I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure they might try [get him back]… I could be wrong, I just don’t think they haven’t managed to get him back yet. But again, that all depends on whoever the new DC guy is overseeing the universe and this committee and that David Zaslav responds. It’s been almost ten years since we saw him man of Steel. But from what I can say, I personally don’t think it’s over.”

When will Superman appear next?

Warner Bros. Discovery’s interest in bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman certainly bodes well for his chances of returning as the Man of Steel. The British star has previously been open about his interest in reviving his DC hero, so the odds are higher than ever that Cavill will be back in the DCEU for years to come.

During Warner Bros.’ recent conference call, CEO David Zaslav expressed his interest in taking Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman further and giving the Man of Steel a big role. With Ben Affleck returning as The Dark Knight Aquaman and the Lost KingdomDC is clearly poised to include its greatest heroes anywhere.

Black Adam, Shazam! wrath of the godsand The Lightning could all include the man of steel. With Cavill apparently not filming any scenes as Superman recently, reshoots for the speedster epic could feature the Kryptonian hero alongside Batman, Flash, Supergirl and more. After all, The Lightning needs some positive press right now given the Ezra Miller situation.

DC currently has two Superman projects in the works – an HBO Max series featuring the Val Zod iteration and a rebooted film by JJ Abrams. Perhaps Cavill will be integrated into Abrams’ flick to bring more cohesion to the existing status quo.

Whether it’s with Henry Cavill or any other actor altogether, Superman will almost certainly be back in some form soon. Fans can only hope this marks the end of the faceless Man of Steel cameos that DC has been pushing for the last few years.

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