“Happy Birthday to My Favorite Leafboy” – Popular YouTube streamer Sykkuno receives hearty birthday wishes from Valkyrae and more

Is Sykkuno your favorite streamer? Well, his birthday is today and he’s “a face with a party hat emoticon” excited! His latest tweet shows exactly that and many other wishes from his friends. Fans from different parts of the world thanked him for brightening their days with his content. Sykkuno hasn’t posted an answer yet, but we’re sure these wishes definitely made him a happy birthday!


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As you may already know, Sykkuno is a popular American streamer who first rose to prominence on Twitch for his Among Us streams. However, he was a regular creator of League of Legends content on YouTube before joining Twitch. His popularity slowly increased when he started streaming other online games with his streamer friends like Valkyrae on Twitch.


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Sykkuno’s fan base went through the roof after he started using face cam and creating Twitch recaps for his YouTube channel. His incredibly positive and humble nature is indeed commendable!

He is not very active on social media and only posts occasionally. However, he sometimes uses Twitter to announce important news, such as his birthday.

Sykkuno receives many hearty congratulations on his 30th birthday!

The “celebrating face” emoticon tweet he previously posted garnered 68,000 likes and counting, including a slew of birthday wishes from his fans and friends. The first to make a wish were MiYoung and Corpse Husband, both two of Sykkuno’s closest friends.

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A day before his birthday, Sykkuno also did a 5-hour stream with MiYoung, Valkyrae, and other friends playing Valorant and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

MiYoung also later posted an adorable picture with Sykkuno.

Sykkuno also received wishes from Jacksepticeye, Ph1LzA, and the long list goes on.

Was that on purpose? We will never know!

Indeed he does!

Though Valkyrae might be a little late for the party, she made up for it by posting four pics featuring Sykkuno that are literally giving us beast goals! Woah, that’s a lot of words, RAE!

Besides his friends, Sykkuno also received many wishes from fans all over the world!

You better, Sykkuno!


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It wasn’t long ago that he made the difficult decision to leave Twitch and switch to YouTube full-time. As of now, his twitch is inactive, although you can see his previous streams. Now that he’s completely switched to YouTube, he’s actually regularly on the platform.


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He posts stream highlights and also live streams online games with his friends. He currently has 2.82 million subscribers on YouTube. On his special day, we wish Sykkuno all the best for years to come!

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