HAChubby was surprised when she met Magenta on the IRL stream

HAChubby was surprised when she met Korean Twitch streamer Magenta during an IRL stream.

The streamer was about to address Magenta while meeting with fans at PlayX4 in Seoul when she approached her instead. She said she recognized Hachu and saw her stream, which came as a surprise to her.

“Are you seeing my stream?”

HAChubby surprised when she meets Magenta

Hachu and a friend were streaming IRL outside of PlayX4, a video game conference similar to E3 or PAX. The conference took place in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Many Korean streamers were in attendance including Magenta, a very popular streamer in that country.

She was making a meeting with fans outside of the conference center when Hachu noticed and wanted to approach her. She noted that the last time she saw Magenta in public, she had an entire booth to herself.

“The last time we saw her, she was in a meeting booth. Do you remember Chat?”

To her surprise, Magenta instead approached her after snapping a photo with a fan. She recognized HAChubby and said she had watched her stream in the past.

Although Hachu regularly speaks English on her streams, Magenta doesn’t, so the two chatted in Korean while she translated a bit for the chat. Her friend and her twitch chat responded to the news that Magenta knew about her in the same way: by declaring that she was officially famous.

Hachu was surprised Magenta knew who she was, especially since she’s considered a much bigger streamer in South Korea. While Hachu has more fans in western countries because she streams in English, Magenta only speaks Korean on her streams and has more followers and viewers.

Some noted that Magenta may be trying to branch out by tailoring its stream to an English-speaking audience. Hachu wasn’t the only English-speaking Korean streamer she approached at PlayX4, as she also recognized Tyongeee and Yuggie at the conference.

Fans react to HAChubby meetings with magenta

Fans had a lot to say about the transparent mask that Magenta wore.

While fans who met her would have been disappointed that her face was covered in a mask the entire time, the clear face mask wasn’t the best alternative either.

Another fan noted that a collaboration between the streamers would be beneficial.

Perhaps Hachu and Magenta can help each other and expand their channels through future collaboration.

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