GTA 5 Actor Responds to Rumors About Michael Joining GTA Online

Ned Luke, who portrays Michael from Grand Theft Auto 5, has responded to rumors that the character is making his way into GTA Online in a future update.

Ned Luke, the actor best known for playing Michael in Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Vhas responded to reports of the character making his GTA Online Debut. Rumors about the event began earlier this week when a dataminer suggested Michael might attend GTA Online about a new update.

grand theft auto 5 is one of the most successful games of all time, which sales figures are only surpassed Minecraft. Although players were able to experience the stories of Michael, Franklin and Trevor back in 2013, the game’s online counterpart has received a lot of attention from Rockstar Games, with the game receiving continuous support and updates over the past nine years. GTA Online has received a series of massive content updates, such as After hours Update in 2018 or the Diamond Casino and Resort Update in 2019. It was only last year that players were able to take to the streets with it GTA5‘s Franklin from the main story of the game, which opens up even more potential for the story mode and GTA Online intersections in the future.


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After a dataminer leaked evidence suggesting a possible cinema-themed update GTA Onlinemichael’s actor, Ned LukeHe took to Twitter to respond to the rumors that his character, who works at a film studio, could join the game. Luke wasn’t thrilled with the news, though he was careful not to confirm or deny the rumours. Of course, it should be expected that Luke would remain silent about his possible involvement in one GTA Online Update, but fans in the tweet’s response section seem to think Ned knows something they don’t. Luke’s response can be seen in the tweet below.

The alleged proof of an impending GTA Online The update found in the leak isn’t enough to confirm a new DLC centered around Michael, although Luke’s response might suggest something in the datamine could be true. Even though grand theft auto 5 was released almost a decade ago, Ned Luke is still active in the community and responding to it GTA messages more often than not. His vague response to the leak will leave fans scratching their heads for some time, though most GTA Fans have already been looking to the future in hopes of a new entry in the series.

Rockstar usually releases big plays GTA Online Updates towards the end of summer so it could be some time before anything in the datamine is confirmed or denied, although fans can expect something big soon after Rockstar releases GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Get it with the new generation of consoles GTA Online and GTA5it can be hinted that Rockstar plans to keep updating the games in the years to come.

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Source: Ned Luke / Twitter

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