Green Lantern fan art imagines Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner for the HBO Max series

When DC Comics and HBO Max announced they were working on one Green Lantern series, it was unclear which direction they were going in since a film was being developed at the same time. It was later revealed that the series would be set across decades and different planets, and would involve Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. Finn Wittrock has been officially cast as Guy Gardner, and while the series isn’t in development yet, fans are already imagining him in the role.

An Instagram artist known as @Ryans.Reviews created this amazing concept design that transforms Wittrock into the character. The fan art gives actor Guy Gardner the classic motorcycle jacket and bright green eyes. While we don’t get to see the imaginary suit in full, it should keep fans on their toes until the series reveals the actual costume. You can check out the fan art below!

There have been few updates to the series since the series was announced and key cast members were finalized. One of the main cast members to be announced is Jeremy Irvine, who will play the very first Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Irvine recently had a chat with Screen Rant in which he revealed the show’s ambitious plans.

“I’m very excited,” Irvine revealed. “At the same time, it’s a project that’s been around for a while. There’s no start date as far as I know, but when I get the call I’ll put on my green tights and be there. I think it’s an it’s in Very difficult at the moment to get a project off the ground and I know they want to do this project on a very large scale, I think it’s difficult to get all the stars aligned to such an ambitious narrative of this story , and I hope it all comes together at some point, but unfortunately these things take a long time and there are many different aspects before they all come together.

Green Lantern will be set across multiple time points, and Wittrock (American Horror Story, Deep Water) as Guy Gardner and Irvine (War Horse, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) as Alan Scott with Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones , The Crown) is previously scheduled to Sinestro have portrayed. The series is also expected to feature Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Killowog and a newly created character named Bree Jarta. The show is produced and directed by Seth Grahame-Smith and Marc Guggenheim.

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