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BBC breakfast presenters Mike Bushell and Louise Minchin teamed up on Saturday night to win a cash prize for charity on BBC game show Celebrity Catchpoint. While attending the game, Mike was hit in the face by a huge oncoming ball and was knocked out from the impact.

Homes Under the Hammer presenters Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts competed against Mike and Louise.

In her first round, Louise managed to bag £100 after suspecting Mick Jagger had the most children from a string of celebrities.

Their second question was a memory game as they were shown 10 colored boards that played the Billie Eilish tune, Bad Guy.

After hearing it once, it was played again, but they had to figure out what color and note would come next.

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After playing it a second time, Mike was confident he knew where the next note would be played and chose the light pink field.

Louise agreed with his decision, pointing out that if it was wrong he could go left and still win some money.

As the ball came down, Mike had to dive left to try to catch the pink ball, but was thrown off when a blue ball hit him in the face and rebounded.

This ended with Mike jumping to the ground and exclaiming, “It hit me in the face!”

Paddy cried out in horror: “Do you honestly know what you would have caught there!

Mike returned to Louise and joked, “From now on, Louise, you’re in charge!” However, by the end of the round, they had managed to transfer £100.

Throughout the show, Mike was forced to show his athletic ability as he ended up falling a few more times.

The second fall came after a wrong film question, but the balls were significantly smaller than in the first round.

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Louise and Mike managed to win £700 which meant they reached the final round and had a chance to double their pot.

The final question was to find out who went into space in 1966 and 2015, with Mike taking the 1966 position.

As the ball fell from the sky, Mike dived for the ball again, but ended up slipping through his arms, leaving him on his knees.

“I am sorry!” he shouted to Louise as it was up to her to make sure they brought home the £700 for their chosen charities.

The position she started with was the wrong answer, however, she jumped sideways and managed to catch the golden ball in time.

When asked which charities the couple would be sending the money to, Mike revealed, “It’s the Sebastian Action Trust, which is for young people and children with lifelong illnesses.”

Louise added: “The charity Move, and they help people affected by cancer through sport.”

Catchpoint airs on BBC One on Saturdays from 7:50pm.

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