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Panaji: The Ethics Committee of the Football Association of Goa missed out on Sporting Clube de Goa three points and three goals from their 2019-20 tally when they shared the championship with Churchill Brothers FC.
The Ethics Committee found that the game between Sporting Clube and Panjim Footballers presented a “serious conflict of interest” and “therefore it is considered that the game was, in all likelihood, scheduled for the sole purpose of allowing Sporting Clube to top the table of Goa to lead the Professional League for the 2019-20 season.”
The panel investigated match-fixing in Goan football, with six games red flagged in 2019-20.
While the panel said there was no evidence of the possibility of match-fixing or match-fixing in relation to five games as “material evidence” was not available, Sporting’s clash against Panjim Footballers was highlighted largely due to Angelo Albuquerque’s connection with both Teams as managing director and board member.
The panel said in its report that the Panjim footballers “may have underperformed due to undue influence of joint management.”
Sporting Clube were outraged by the ethics panel’s decision, announced by the GFA on Saturday.
“Sporting Clube intends to bring an appeal or further proceedings to set aside and set aside the order as it indirectly unnecessarily casts a shadow over the club and passes on presumptions identified as presumptions in the order,” club director Diogo Nathan Vaz said in a statement on Saturday. “The club are at a loss to understand why no action has been taken in relation to the other games which have been de-registered for the same reason as match-fixing and why only game No 44 has been included for investigation.”
Vaz said the club have never condoned or encouraged match-fixing and have clearly won three of their last five Goa Pro League titles.
“There was no need for match-fixing by Sporting Clube. The moment Anthony Vas received a message from Whatsapp urging him to allow Panjim Footballers to lose by a margin of two goals or more, Anthony Vas filed a police complaint so the police could take immediate action , and he did so in an attempt to thwart any match-fixing,” said the club’s director.
Meanwhile, the Ethics Panel also ruled that “under no circumstances could the GFA and/or its Executive Committee declare joint winners of a professional league which has been abandoned due to an ongoing pandemic and which has 13 games remaining before the tournament is completed”.
Sporting Clube and Churchill Bros were declared joint winners of the league in 2020.

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