German Twitch streamer openly uses cheats in League of Legends

Logtube_, a German Twitch streamer, recently made waves by shamelessly showing off his scripts and cheats while playing as Xerath. The streamer, rumored to be a grandmaster ranked player, not only showed cheats while playing League of Legends, but said it was done on purpose.

The streamer went on to claim that he would not be banned from Twitch. Unafraid of his actions, he continued to play.

Despite viewers’ disdain, the German Twitch streamer blatantly cheated during a League of Legends match

The League of Legends Twitch streamer expressed no fear and cheated as Xerath throughout his match. A viewer asked if the streamer knew the script was visible, to which the streamer said no.

Logtube_ also pointed out that he would not be banned on Twitch but would just use Twitch chat instead of speaking by voice. While playing as Xerath, the player could see enemies in the fog of war. Also, as they got closer, he had a direct line pointing to them. Because of this perk, he was able to activate dodge to avoid abilities and land perfect ability shots.

This isn’t the only time this streamer has openly cheated. In another match, Logtube_ used the name “FNC Wunder” and continued to use its Xerath script. During the first game, some viewers defended him while others threatened to come forward. Still, the Twitch streamer didn’t appear to be concerned about the consequences.

Reddit discusses cheating in League of Legends in Europe

Reddit’s LiveStreamFails community didn’t take well to Logtube_ openly cheating in League of Legends. While many disagree on how good League is, the majority abhor in-game cheating as it makes ranked matches that much harder to win. One comment only expressed disbelief at the people defending the Twitch streamer’s behavior.

Meanwhile, some have poked fun at the situation, calling this streamer the “least scripted Xerath player”. Others mocked him for suffering losses despite cheating. This led to a conversation about cheating in League of Legends. According to comments, unfair play doesn’t guarantee a win as multiple factors determine an outcome in LoL.

One Redditor found it shameful that the player didn't always win despite this powerful script (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)
One Redditor found it shameful that the player didn’t always win despite this powerful script (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)

This led to some joking that while the actual script looked cool and must have been fun to create, they condemned cheating. However, others agreed that while running such games can be a lot of fun, it causes major problems when playing online games.

Another topic of discussion was the common use of such cheats in League of Legends. One comment stated that most champions in League don’t actually benefit from this type of scripting, while others claimed cheating was easy to spot in-game.

As of this writing, Logtube_ is still streaming League of Legends on the platform, so only time will tell if any of the viewers’ reports will result in punishment.

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