Gen.G and Nimble Neuron begin Season 6 of Eternal Return, Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational Details

A new game mode for returning vets and new players. 16 invited streamers will participate in the Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational on June 26th to showcase a new game mode and win prizes for their community.

Video game developer Nimble Neuron today announced the launch of Cobalt Protocol, a new game mode coming to Season 6 of Eternal Return. In partnership with global esports organization Gen.G, they also unveiled plans for 32 content creators to attend the Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational on June 26, 2022 to engage their fans and have a chance to win prizes for the community.

Cobalt Protocol is a new 4v4 game mode in Eternal Return that offers a fun way to introduce new players to the characters of the island of Lumia and allows Eternal Return veterans to hone their combat skills. The goal of Cobalt Protocol is to subtract points from the opposing team’s life total by killing enemies, Omega and Gamma, and capturing Power Beacons. During Phase 1 of the game, players are split into two 2v2 groups in restricted areas on the left and right ends of the map. Once phase 2 begins, sector roadblocks will be removed, allowing everyone to traverse the map freely. Players respawn continuously until a team’s Life Score reaches zero.

“Together with Gen.G, we’ve worked very hard to make Eternal Return a truly unique experience in the sea of ​​similar titles out there,” said Seunghoo Kim, Executive Producer at Nimble Neuron. “The changes we have for the upcoming season will reflect fan feedback and what we think newcomers to Eternal Return should have at the start to better understand the game.”

To continue celebrations of Eternal Return Season 6 and the launch of Cobalt Protocol, Gen.G and Nimble Neuron are hosting the Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational on June 26, 2022. 32 streamers in North America are invited and form teams of 4. Each team consists of 2 North American streamers and 2 Eternal Return partners. Teams will then be split into two groups of 8 teams, with the top 3 of each group advancing to the Single Elimination Playoffs. Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational winners will receive prizes to give away to their communities.

“As we continue to help nurture communities of new and returning players to Eternal Return, we want to ensure that when those players walk in, they are immediately engaged and have a reason to stay,” said Martin Kim, CRO of Gen .G . “This invitation will serve as a catalyst for things to come as part of our partnership with Nimble Neuron, and we hope fans enjoy the latest update and new game mode.”

There were also a number of changes to improve the overall gameplay experience for Eternal Return Season 6, including improvements to crafting, auto-attack/kiting improvements, mutant animals, transfer consoles and transfer drones, new pass rewards for Season 6 Eternal Return, a Revision to item rarity, graphics and player updates, change to the in-game UI lobby, and a change to the crafting UI.

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