Gemini Celebrities: Iconic Gemini celebrities who exude this sign

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It’s the time of long conversations, Wikipedia wormholes and chic socializing, because the sun is in Gemini right now. That means a lot of Gemini celebrities celebrate their birthdays, and if you ask me, they do it in style. If you need proof that Geminis aren’t just two-sided liars, but something *much* more interesting, allow me – an astrologer – to walk you through the birth charts of well-known Gemini stars: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kanye Westen and Angelina jolie

There’s something unique and beautiful about each zodiac sign, but I have to give credit where it’s due – Aries never stops bringing the hype, Taurus is your ride-or-die until the end of time, and what our friendly Gemini from the As far as neighborhoods are concerned, this variable air sign always serves you the hottest cup of tea! They’re talkative, versatile, and a Rolodex full of fun facts. You can see the twinkle in their eyes from a mile away, almost as if they knew it well. It all begins to make sense when one considers the dualistic essence of the Gemini zodiac archetype, as well as the mythology behind their wily and mischievous planetary ruler, Mercury.

Do you think you can keep up? Don’t take it the wrong way—despite being ruled by the fastest planet in the solar system, there’s a lot more to this clever air sign than meets the eye. Gemini are brilliant intellectuals with a knack for storytelling and reading between the lines. Many born under this Mercury sign are often recognized for their gift of the mouth, but Geminis are also excellent problem solvers for the same reason; not to mention incredibly imaginative! Geminis are quick on their feet, fickle at heart, and probably 10 steps ahead of you. The best part? They’re way too busy spinning circles around you to notice (and they’ve already done so twice).

There’s never a dull moment when this changeable air sign is around, which is why we decided to spotlight some of our favorite Gemini stars during their sunny season:

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


born on 13.6

Talk about partnerships! Whether you grew up in the ’90s or were a fan of ABC’s icon Full house sitcom, chances are you’re familiar with Hollywood’s favorite superstar twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen. It doesn’t get any more bouncy than this dynamic duo, and it goes beyond just being twins born in the sign of Gemini, literally. Born just two minutes apart, with cinematic Leo soaring over the eastern horizon, it’s no wonder the twins found their fame at such a young age. In addition to her starry charisma and sunny disposition – and when it comes to Gemini it’s almost like they have two suns, not just one – her collaborative Gemini Sun stands in the 11th house of associations, community and society. This speaks to everything from their humanitarian efforts over the years to how they thrive in group situations…or rather, a full house! This pair of twins know they’re both twins and they’re proud of it, hence the name of their childhood production company: Dual Star Productions. need i say more

In their natal charts, Mercury (planetary ruler of Gemini) and Venus are in sentimental Cancer, which goes hand-in-hand with their connection to home and family, especially considering their Venusian-ruled middle sky, which is all about careers. notoriety and reputation in the world. In addition to knocking the world’s socks off and broadcasting comfort (Venus in Cancer) through our TV sets, their natal Venus is the lucky triangle Jupiter in Pisces, via their 8th house of transformation, wealth and shared resources. This would explain their combined net worth of $500 million Cosmopolitan. Also, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who is symbolic of the media, film, and everything behind the lens. And with Neptune in her 6th house of daily duties and work routines, the glittering duet spent most of their tireless work on set.

Gemini are the sign of siblings and Mary-Kate and Ashley always make us feel like part of the family!



born on 8.6

As a creative and musical legend, Mr. West’s Gemini energy is nothing short of awesome. Born with the Sun just three degrees from larger-than-life Jupiter, this aspect is tantamount to having a microphone in your throat, especially as Jupiter expands everything it comes in contact with. Although, in addition to always If you have something to say, the Sun of the 12th house of Yes takes Gemini’s brilliant duality to another level, as this astrological house is all about one’s dreams, the hidden world and the unconscious. So, when Gemini rule the mind, and mind is more than often viewed as an abstract concept, it’s safe to say that it *literally* no words to describe the rapper’s depth, mental prowess and artistic enlightenment. After all, the 12th house belongs to Pisces, as it is symbolic of mysticism, self-destruction and transcendence.

Jupiter is also very well placed in the esoteric 12th house, which speaks to Kanye’s quest to become a spiritual leader. Interestingly, both his 5th house of artistic expression and his 9th house of expansion are ruled by Jupiter, seated next to his twin sun as mentioned. Regardless of whether you look at Ye’s artwork from a lyrical and/or musical perspective, his brilliant masterpieces all have the same thing in common: they transcend all boundaries…because in Kanye’s (Gemini) mind he is his own god. And in typical Gemini fashion, the “Jesus Walks” singer never stops causing a stir and controversy, especially given his Mercury (communication style) about his 11th house of society and individual freedom. As it is, Yes Mars is in conjunction with Venus (art) in Taurus and in opposition to Uranus (rebellion) in Scorpio.

What makes this so interesting is that Ye’s revolutionary Uranus is part of a flowing grand water trine composed of both his fanciful Moon in Pisces and delicate rising Cancer. The only thing better than Kanye West’s artistic expression is the boundless and eclectic spirit behind it.

Angelina Jolie


born on 4.6

Angelina Jolie is the epitome of a twin powerhouse. See, even though the mother of six is ​​Hollywood’s most popular femme fatale, she’s also known for wearing a lot of different hats. All of this is of course thanks to her Sun-Mercury in Gemini, but while in harmony with the Moon-Mars-Jupiter in Aries, one thing is certain: Angelina plays to win. She is indeed a force to be reckoned with, and her innate versatility and multi-faceted personality are some of the many traits that make her so iconic. Jolie’s Sun-Mercury conjunction occupying her 11th house of social work speaks volumes, quite literally. And the sheer willpower behind her fierce humanity and dynamic acting roles is truly unmatched. Granted, a rich Stellium in Aries over her 10th house (career, legacy, public person) will do the trick, but Jupiter coupled with her mid-heaven reputation speaks to her leadership qualities and pioneering spirit.

Mars (the planetary ruler of Aries) is the planet of aggression, carnality, energy and passion, and since Jupiter expands everything it comes in contact with, this would explain Jolie’s reputation as an activist, fighter and sex symbol. Speaking of Gemini duality, the Academy Award-winning actress was born with the Sun (symbol of the sacred masculine) sextile to the Moon (divine feminine), a nod to her undeniable strength and magnetic sex appeal. Anything you can do, Angelina will probably do better… I mean, it is what it is. On the other hand, only a Gemini can master the arts of acting, filmmaking, motherhood, and philanthropy at the same time. Born with Venus conjunct her ascendant in Cancer—a sign that represents everything from the female anatomy to home and family—her consistency and effort to be an ongoing support system for her children is magnificent.

Jolie’s Venus ascendant is also the square of Uranus (Rebellion), further underscoring her activism and advocacy for women’s rights. She really is unstoppable.

Love them or hate them, twins are here to stay. And hopefully, after meeting these Gemini celebrities, you won’t be too mad about it.

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