Gasoline is so cheap in Russia that there are streamers on Twitch broadcasting it live 24 hours a day.

The insistence on energy saving in our country is not in vain. The cost of electricity and gas is reaching historical levels, and this after the crisis in Ukraine and Russia this fact only aggravated the situation. But there are also others who prefer to exploit the low energy costs in their country as a method of mockery on the Internet.

Now known as “Russiangas,” Twitch is dedicated to the live show, which sees his home’s stoves burning 24 hours a day. A continuous stream where they not only stay on, sets the monthly price: 1.44 euros.

A mockery of all of Europe

His travels started on September 17 on the platform with the username “Russiangas0”, and his last nickname was already “Russiangas61”. However, we’ve seen other nicknames like “RussianHotWatter,” though it’s not confirmed that they’re from the same author. In this last example you can see how hot water is wasted. The content is always the same: a camera aimed at your stovetop or bathtub and always on and with background music.

The fact that their channels receive a large number of ban requests means it always terminate their accounts banned from the platformalthough it doesn’t take too long for the user to create another account for the same purpose.

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Everything indicates that the user is not looking for visits or subscriptions, but the mere fact of pranking all of Europe. And it so happened that after the war between Russia and Ukraine, the prices of electricity and gas rose to record levels, which poses a serious problem for many citizens.

In Spain, the bills reach a price 10 times higher than that shown in the stream, which he is happy to pay only 1.44 euros per month. The chat on his channel is flooded with political messages for and against the critical situation, while on his channel, along with the entire facility, there are several other mocking images, the message “From Russia with love” and a link to Telegram Direct.

During the 77 hours he broadcast on his first created channel, generated a peak audience of 1,896 users and more than 3,000 followers. When we enter the Telegram channel, we usually find pro-Russian messages praising what the Kremlin has been doing all these months.

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