French Twitch streamer read One Piece in 106 hours

Inuyashiki: Last Hero's Hiro Shishigami cries after reading a chapter of One Piece during a Twitch stream.

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Spoiler alert for One Piece article, super fan reading entire manga during live stream.

Spoiler image ahead in embedded tweet below.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point kotaku is a proOne piece Website as the manga has been an insanely good read for almost 25 years and because it is the only series out there Nico Robin inside. While some people are yet to finally hoist their anchors and venture into the manga’s 1051 chapters (I’m looking at you readers), one Twitch streamer proved that the daunting feat of reading the entire manga non-stop can be done can electricity.

Last weekend, a French Twitch streamer ideastreamed everything reading aloud One piece (including the concluding chapter of his latest arc, Wano country) over the weekend. After 106 hours and six minutes of reading, broken up by just 10 hours of sleep and a respectable four showers, Ideo finished reading all of Eiichiro Oda’s mangaka Masterpiece.

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Speak with kotakuIdeo explained that the idea of ​​reading the entirety One piece on stream came to him one evening while brushing his teeth on a whim.

Although this isn’t the first time, or even the second, that Ideo has reread One piece, This time he did it during a non-stop stream. Though his performance is impressive, Ideo said kotaku he doesn’t recommend running fast for curious manga readers One piece when they first discover it.

“There’s far too much information to remember,” Ideo said. “It is better to take the time and read [and] get to know it like a whole school program.”

Ideo said the arcs he could read through the fastest were east blue (which took him six hours to read), Island of the Fishmenand dresspink.

“[Fishman Island and Dressrosa] can look like really long arcs from the outside (and also because of the anime). […] you get in with the manga in one fell swoop [and] The story is so well written and so fluid that you don’t feel like it’s that long,” he said.

The arcs that took longer for Ideo to complete were the Halloween-centric arcs thriller bark and One piece‘s newest and longest – at least by number of chapters – Wano Country.

“Thriller Bark got off to a pretty slow start,” he said. “I also read it between 6am and 8am, so it didn’t help.”

After my own journey to be reborn One piece fan, I have a keen interest in asking other lovers what storylines are their favourites. (For those who didn’t ask, mine did Kingdom of AlabastaDressrossa and drive downin this order.)

After I put mine One piece Vibe check to Ideo, I would say that not only did he pass, but he has good taste considering his favorite bows are Wano Country, Dressrosa and Whole cake island. good guy

“I really appreciated the latest bows because I feel like Oda is doing longer bows. He has more leeway to express his talent and great writing,” Ideo said. “In terms of pure content and good characters, they’re just the best.”

Although it is a “great big fan of One piece‘, who has read the manga and watched the anime countless times, said Ideo that there are still a few details of the story that he completely missed before re-reading the series on stream. But who could blame him when Oda’s meticulous pace often leads to seemingly innocuous information that 500 chapters later manifests as key plot details?

“Obviously I thought the story was a lot better, even though it was a re-re-read,” Ideo said. “It gets better every time.”

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