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It’s that time again! A Friday is never complete without seeing a movie. ETimes presents – #FilmyFriday, where we recommend a Malayalam film to our readers each week. And for this week we recommend Mannar Mathai Speaking, starring Innocent, Mukesh, Sai Kumar and Vani Viswanath.

Mani C Kappan

Script: Siddique-Lal

Pour: Mukesh, Sai Kumar, Innocent, Vani Viswanath, Biju Menon, Geetha Vijayan, KP Ummer, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Janardhanan, Indrans, Vijayaraghavan, Sukumari, Harisree Ashokan, Cochin Haneefa

Release date: 1995

Before you even start reading this, hurry back to your home theater and tune in to the Ramji Rao Speaking prequel! Can’t watch it right now? Well you will still get the movie but if you watch the first part you will enjoy Mannar Mathai Speaking even more.

The film will open at the famous Urvashi Theater. Proprietor and proprietor Mannar Mathai (Innocent) steps out of his home office with a suitcase, and just as he’s about to get on the troupe’s bus, the phone rings. He replies, “Yes, Mannar Mathai speaks.” At the other end are the program coordinators. They’re stunned that Mannar Mathai hasn’t started the journey yet! Mannar Mathai tells them that they have started the journey. Mathai is waiting for Gopalakrishnan (Mukesh) and Balakrishnan (Sai ​​Kumar). Both haven’t gotten ready yet and their catfight isn’t over yet! Gopalakrishnan hasn’t even gotten dressed yet, insisting he won’t get ready unless their heroine Shakuntala (Priyanka) doesn’t show up. Back at Shakuntala’s house, her mother forces her to act in a movie theater for which she has to leave immediately. However, Shakuntala is reluctant because if she chooses to do so, the program she booked with the Urvashi Theater will not go ahead. The whole squad is waiting for Shakuntala and Mathai is restless and angry. To make matters worse, the phone rings and the program coordinators call to see if they got on the bus or not. Mathai replies, “We got on the bus half an hour ago, we can bring it forward an hour if you want.” Well, this comedy wouldn’t have worked if cell phones had existed at the time. It’s also one of the best comedies in the movie. If you have no idea what just happened, watch the movie! Eventually Shakuntala arrives, but the angered Gopalakrishnan and Balakrishnan yell at her, making her cry. Well, somehow Mathai manages to get the bus running. Her drama “Velicham Dhukhaman Unni. Thamassallo Sukhapradham’ gets a standing ovation and Mathai gets 24 new bookings. As they are about to leave, Shakuntala disappears, she has gone with the filmmakers. Mathai is mad at Gopalakrishnan and Balakrishnan because the drama will not happen without a heroine.

Gopalakrishnan takes an oath to find a new heroine since he was the one who initiated the whole Tamasha. He begins his search, accompanied by driver Ponnappan (Indrans), and the latter suggests that Garvasee’s Aasan (Janardhanan) can help them find one. After hours of searching, they find none and on the way home, Gopalakrishnan “accidentally” meets Meera (Vani Viswanath), who has decided to end her life. Gopalakrishnan convinces Meera to become a hero for her squad. The next morning, Gopalakrishnan arrives at the theaters of Urvashi in style! He tells Mathai and Balakrishnan that Meera is his cousin who he is going to marry! Gopalakrishnan even convinces Mathai to make him a hero in the drama or Meera won’t star! Meera starts living in Uravshi theaters, but things go wrong when Meera shows suicidal tendencies. Balakrishnan, having doubts about Meera, informs Gopalakrishnan’s mother (Sukumari) and takes her to the house. Since she is a heart patient, Meera agrees to a sham marriage with Gopalakrishnan. After the marriage, Meera slowly loses her mind. Her suicidal tendencies worsen and is electrocuted, but later recovers and comes to her senses. Once she regains her memory, it turns out that she is the wife of Mahendra Varma (Biju Menon). Heartbroken Gopalakrishnan moves on and Meera leaves with her real husband. One day Gopalakrishnan receives a call from Meera and she tells him that if he didn’t come and meet her, she would commit suicide. Although Gopalakrishnan rushes to meet her, she commits suicide and dies before his eyes. A few months later, when Gopalakrishnan returns to his normal life and goes to Mangalore for a program, Balakrishnan meets Meera, but none of them believe and ignore it. Upon returning to Kerala to her Urvashi Theater, Meera comes to meet her. Although everyone initially assumes she is a ghost, things take a different turn. What happens next? You must see the movie!


  • Mannar Mathai Speaking has a prequel – Ramji Rao Speaking and also a sequel Mannar Mathai Speaking 2.
  • The film series is one of the most popular and acclaimed comedy series in Malayalam.

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