Fall River Dog becomes an overnight celebrity on Cumberland Farms

Imagine one moment you’re living your best life while drooling out the window waiting for your mom to finish gas, and the next moment you know you’re an overnight celebrity.

That’s exactly what happened to a local pup, and it’s all thanks to Cumberland Farms.

Meet Alfie, the 18-month-old miniature Fall River Labradoodle who’s cool enough to have his own Instagram page @TheDoodAlfie. His mother’s name is Katie Greene and according to her Alfie is a “really good boy”. Judging by his Instagram, I have to agree with her.

One day, on Sunday May 22, Greene was out with her nephew at the Caddy Shack in Dartmouth, playing miniature golf and hitting the driving range. Alfie went with us. When it was time to go and drop off her nephew, Greene stopped at Wilbur Avenue Cumberland Farms to fill up her gas tank before dropping off her nephew.

“While I was pumping, Alfie stuck his head out the window in the most adorable way,” Greene explained, “so I said ‘look at my handsome guy,’ grabbed my phone and took a picture.”

Greene then uploaded it to Alfie’s Instagram and tagged Cumberland Farms in it. Eventually, the social media gurus at Cumbie headquarters reached out to Greene and first asked if they could share it on their Instagram story, then came back and asked permission to share it on their main page/newsfeed instead .

From that moment on, Alfie is among the many dogs in the world to be given a bit of a spotlight by Cumberland Farms, but the only one to make it big by Fall River. A way to make the SouthCoast proud, Alfie!

Oh, and by the way, Alfie’s favorite toy is a little stuffed animal fox named “Foxy Brown,” which he’s had since the day Greene and her husband brought him into their lives. A good boy indeed.

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