Evgeny Kuznetsov and Alexander Alexeyev attend the last Nationals game before the close, see Juan Soto Homer ahead of Max Scherzer

Washington Capitals teammates Yevgeny Kuznetsov and Alexander Alexeyev were at Nationals Park for what seemed like a night to remember. The game featured former Nationals ace Max Scherzer playing the Nats as a member of the New York Mets.

The game was also the last of the Nationals before Tuesday’s close. The team is reportedly soliciting offers for superstar outfielder Juan Soto after turning down a 15-year, $440 million offer last month to remain with the team long-term.

Kuzy and Alex² were spotted by MASN cameras during the top of the fourth inning. The two enjoyed some concessions. Kuznetsov wore one of the Nationals’ cherry blossom jerseys. The comrades also recently attended the Capitals’ Development Camp scrimmage together at Capital One Arena.

Alexeyev was misidentified as Ilya Samsonov by the Nats commenters, for which we will forgive them.

A Nats fan even got a chance to take a picture with Kuzy outside the stadium.

Kuznetsov and Alexeyev were able to see fireworks minutes after they were shown on TV. At the end of the inning, Soto went for the yard and demolished a Scherzer fastball 421 feet to dead center.

It was Soto’s first thing since winning the home run derby. It could also be the last one in a Nats uniform.

Juan also set up a heads-up baserun in the first inning, giving the Nats their first run of the game.

The fact that the game could be Soto’s last didn’t seem to have escaped his notice.

Three teams appear to be popping up for Soto’s services: the Padres, Cardinals, or Dodgers. The Nats could also choose to hold on to Juan and continue negotiating or trading with him over the winter.

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