Everything We Know About Monster High: The Movie

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s fitting that Nickelodeon kicked off the spookiest time of the year with epic Halloween specials. Monster High: The Movie is a live-action musical fantasy film based on Mattel’s legendary Monster High fashion doll. In February 2021, Nickelodeon announced the animated series as part of a new brand relaunch.

If you’re super excited to see what happens in the highly anticipated film, read on to find out everything we know Monster High: The Movie.

what is Monster High: The Movie around?

Monster High: The Movie follows Clawdeen Wolf, a half-human, half-werewolf who has always had to hide the truth about who she is. Until she enrolls at Monster High. Clawdeen is super excited to finally get the chance to show the world who she really is, but her human side shows every time she enters her new school. This causes a big problem for them because Monster High has a “Monsters Only” policy.

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Clawdeen Wolf was born half human, half werewolf, but has always had to hide her wolf side…until now. She goes to Monster High where she can’t wait to show the real wolf that lives inside her. With the help of her teacher, Mr. Komos, Clawdeen tries to create a special potion that will banish her human side once and for all. When things go wrong, Clawdeen must embrace the true monster at heart to save herself and her school.

when does monster high Air?

monster high: The film Premiering October 6th Nickelodeon and Paramount+.

Is there a trailer

Fans are excited Monster High: The Movie don’t have to wait any longer. Nickelodeon released an official trailer for the film on September 20, 2022. Check him out below.

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Monster High: The Movie FULL TRAILER! | monster high

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Will monster high with original music?

Get ready for another sneak peek at Nickelodeon’s upcoming movie Monster High: The Movie. On Wednesday, September 21, Paramount+ unveiled the official music video for “Coming Out of the Dark.”

Milia Harris, who performs as Clawdeen Wolf, appears on the track. She is joined by Nayah Damaesen, who plays Draculaura, Ceci Balagot, who will star as Frankie Stein, and Case Walker, who plays Deuce Gorgon. “Coming Out of the Dark” will appear on the film’s soundtrack, which will be released simultaneously on October 6th monster highPremiere. The soundtrack can be pre-ordered.

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Monster High The Movie | Coming Out of the Dark Music Video | Outstanding+

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