Escape Room 3: Release date speculation, cast, plot and more

When will Escape Room 3 be released? After two horror films, the Escape Room series has left us on a cliffhanger, waiting with bated breath to find out what might happen to our heroes and if Minos will ever be stopped.

The first thriller of 2019 introduced us to the mind-altering conspiracy that entangled people in deadly puzzles. Essentially young adults Saw, a selection of random competitors, has been entangled by a mysterious escape room hosted by the Minos Coproration. Everyone was invited there for one reason or another, and only two, Zoey and Ben, survived.

In Escape Room 2, they again managed to outwit Minos, only to find themselves in a crashing plane as the credits rolled. Oh oh! Luckily she is Escape Room 3 release date should tell us what happens next. But when will that be? Is the action movie even confirmed? Put down the Rubik’s Cube, you’ve already clicked our article so we have all the information you need. But maybe check your locks, just in case…

Escape Room 3 release date speculation

At the time of writing this article, Escape Room 3 does not yet have a release date. Unfortunately, the green light for another sequel was not even given. After the release of Tournament of Champions, director Adam Robitel said that a third was due to box office revenue.

“We’ll see! I always say, let’s see if Lust insists. It all comes down to money, as they say,” he told Nightmarish Conjurings in 2021. Escape Room 2 went on to make $65.8 million a budget of $15 million, not bad for release amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Stay tuned!

Escape Room 3 Release Date: The Cast of Escape Room 2

What could happen in Escape Room 3’s plot?

The cliffhanger ending to Escape Room: Tournament of Champions gives us a good indication of where Escape Room 3 could be heading. At the climax of the adventure film, Zoey and Ben catch a plane home, thinking they’ve thwarted Minos once and for all. Not so much as her plane crashes in another survival puzzle.

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We can expect another Escape Room movie to be set up like the others, full of imaginative, elaborate puzzles for Zoey, Ben, and a few other unfortunate contestants. It’s likely that we’ll also learn more about Minos, how the company managed to wriggle its way out of being discovered or fully subjugated.

From there answers. What is actually going on with minors? Can Zoey and Ben actually get free? C’mon, we need a sequel to find out!

Escape Room 3 Release Date: The Cast of Escape Room 2

Who could be in the cast of Escape Room 3?

Since it hasn’t been officially announced yet, we can’t say for sure who will be in the cast of Escape Room 3. Taylor Russel and Logan Miller were set to return as Zoey and Ben, respectively, but beyond that it’s hard to say.

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Escape Room has featured a new group being drawn into Minos’ schemes in every film to date. This should also apply to the third one, with more victims trying to solve the deadly puzzles with Zoey and Ben. Unfortunately for them, that means they mostly end up dead, allowing our heroes to emerge victorious.

Nobody said horror shows were fair! That’s all we know about Escape Room 3. For more terrifying events on your calendar, check out our Alice in Borderland Season 2 and Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas guides.

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