Epic Games Store confirms Last Mystery Game and reveals next week’s game

Since a few weeks, Epic game store has been giving away free mystery games week after week. This has led to several major releases including borderland 3 and the BioShock Collection on the Epic Games Store. But all good things come to an end.

The Epic Games Store has confirmed its final mystery game as Maneater, which will be available now through June 16th, coinciding with the end of the Epic Mega Sale. This means the Epic Games Store is going back to its pattern of releasing a game and revealing next week’s free game. For EGS, this means Supraland will replace Maneater on June 16th and will continue through June 23rd.


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Man eater is exactly what it sounds like, a game that puts players in the shoes of a shark. Interestingly, however, it contains RPG elements and players can “age” their shark and develop several new skills. Man eater is no BioShock Collectionbut it’s a solid game for the lineup.

supralandmeanwhile, it’s billed as a first-person Metroidvania puzzle game that directly quotes Zelda, Metroidand portal as inspirations. Players will focus less on story and combat and more on exploration, giving players around 12 to 25 hours of gameplay. The abilities also promise to be versatile, allowing players to use them in a variety of ways, with even more potential when combined.

While the last few games have been huge AAA titles, the end of Mystery Games suggests that the Epic Games Store will refocus on smaller games and indies. This may disappoint some, but it works well for the Epic Games Store as it brings out more hidden gems that others might overlook. Of course, we’re about halfway through the year and there’s no telling what the Epic Games Store will do next. It usually releases some mystery games for the holidays, but whether that will be the case next time is unclear.

In the meantime, players can expect a return to normalcy for the Epic Games Store, but if the past few weeks have proven anything, it’s just how resourceful the Epic Games Store can be and how much it brings to the table for users. There’s certainly a reason for the Epic Games Store to keep up the mystery game reveals even if they’re not AAA titles, but as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Epic game store Users get a handful of free games every month.

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