EarthBound Streamer grinds over 30 hours to get rare item, accidentally kicks console

Twitch streamer TragicOnTwitch has been dedicated to an act of suffering for some time. She did a 100% final run of earthbound several months back, a massive game in and of itself. But for four different streams and over 30 hours of gameplay, TragicOnTwitch has focused on one object: the Gutsy Bat, a very rare object. It’s hard enough to get to play earthbound usually, but TragicOntwitch made it even harder by finally finding the Gutsy Bat, only to accidentally kick her console and knock her out.


Four days and 30 hours of streaming on Twitch is a long time to purchase an item. However, TragicOnTwitch dedicated itself to this task. The Gutsy Bat has a drop rate of 1 in 128 and only drops from the Bionic Kraken, which doesn’t spawn constantly at all. Despite these high odds, TragicOnTwitch was unlucky. She had already defeated more than 200 Bionic Kraken when her luck finally kicked in. The Bionic Kraken fell and the message “The enemy left a gift!” appeared on the screen. Then disaster struck.

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TragicOnTwitch was understandably very excited to finally drop the Gutsy Bat. The enemy has no other drops, so seeing the message about a gift meant the Gutsy Bat was hers. However, in her excitement, she kicked the SNES console at her feet. It’s unclear what or how she kicked the console, but it was enough to force a reset. The Gutsy Bat was wiped out in a split second, leaving TragicOnTwitch at the beginning of its journey.

Credit to TragicOnTwitch for capturing Twitch’s live stream tragedy well. She laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Then acceptance settled in and she held her arms above her head before finally laughing some more. This cycle of utter silence, as if TragicOnTwitch’s soul had left her body, followed by brief fits of laughter continued for some time. “No, I’m not that good,” she told her chat while still laughing.

After coming to terms with the loss, TragicOnTwitch began earthbound back and started looking for more Bionic Krakens. The mood on the stream was definitely different than before, but the TragicOnTwitch community was still very supportive. The Twitch clip has already seen increasing viewership.

While TragicOnTwitch may have lost a Gutsy Bat item earthbound, she gained a lot of attention for her twitch channel. Maybe the gutsy bat was always the friends made along the way.

earthbound is available on SNES and Game Boy Advance.

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