Draymond Green caused a stir after Kevin Durant’s name drop after Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Why are we talking about Kevin Durant during the 2022 NBA Finals when his team was eliminated in the first round?

Warriors forward Draymond Green continued to stir the pot when he dropped his former teammate’s name in his post-game press conference following Golden State’s Game 2 win over the Celtics.

When asked by a reporter about how different the Warriors’ offensive game plan seems to be these Finals compared to their last few appearances with Durant in the roster, Green made it clear that it’s always been through superstar guard Stephen Curry.

β€œIt feels like it’s a little bit different in those first few games. It’s a lot of Steph and then tries to figure out where the rest of the offense is coming from. Do you feel that and does it need to be done differently? away?” asked reporter Green.

“Our offensive is always a lot of Steph. It all starts with Steph. When KD was here, our offensive started with Steph,” Green replied.

“So will it be. I think when you play a team like (the Celtics) you have to be offended by other places and not just Steph.”

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It was this answer that made headlines, even though it reads very differently in quote graphics than in Green’s actual soundbite.

Still, whenever Green talks about Durant, or vice versa, it’s newsworthy given her fallout when Durant left the Warriors.

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Draymond Green and Kevin Durant shared it on Twitter

Just last week, the pair exchanged words on Twitter after a clip of Green saying Curry had been in the doubles team “seven times” as much as Durant during their time as teammates went viral.

That came on the heels of Green, who told Colin Cowherd on the same podcast that Durant made a mistake leaving the Warriors.

“What I’m saying is when he decided he was going, I thought it was a mistake,” Green told Cowherd. “And not because everyone else thinks it’s a mistake, by the way. I thought it was a mistake because I know Kevin. …

“Basketball is 100 percent the most important thing in Kevin’s life. It’s the thing he takes care of himself more than anything else in the world. And when Kevin was here, the reason I thought Kevin was going to make a mistake was because I felt like when Kevin was here, what he was allowed to do was just go play basketball, which Kevin loves to do.”

While the two personalities tend to step on each other’s toes, they decked out their “beef” in a seated one-on-one last summer. Green also called Durant his “brother” and spoke on Cowherd’s podcast about how much he cares about their relationship.

Still, it will always make headlines whenever the former teammates have something to say about the other.

Green and the Warriors will be looking to take a series lead over the Celtics when they travel to Boston for Game 3 on Wednesday.

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