Disguised Toast responds to viewers harassing him for meeting PewDiePie in Japan

Twitch streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” announced he has stayed behind in Japan after hosting a live stream earlier today.

The streamer was due to leave Japan with other content creators a few days ago, but revealed that he planned to stay in the beautiful Asian country for a few more days before flying back to his home in Los Angeles.

As he discussed extending his stay, fans asked if he’d met YouTube legend Felix “PewDiePie,” which visibly annoyed him. In response to viewers’ questions, Disguised Toast said, frustratingly:

“‘Did you happen to meet PewDiePie?’ Chat, Japan has, I don’t know, a billion people? Why are you guys so obsessed with me meeting PewDiePie?”

Disguised Toast replies to the viewers, asking him if he met PewDiePie in Japan

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On July 21, Jeremy hosted a Twitch stream titled “Final Japan Stream :(” in which he explained that traveling to the Asian country changed his perspective on live streaming and also revealed that he wasn’t going to Los Angeles wanted to return.

Five days later, the Hearthstone fan surprised his fanbase by revealing that he’d decided to stay in Japan for a few more days while his fellow OfflineTV crew departed for their respective destinations.

While discussing his extended stay, fans wondered aloud if the streamer managed to meet PewDiePie by accident, leading the streamer to ask his viewers why they are so obsessed with him meeting up with the latter .

He then instructed his Twitch channel moderators to ban viewers who had mentioned meeting PewDiePie in Japan and continue talking about the topic. He said:

“Mods, if anyone mentions I’m dating PewDiePie just ban them. I can’t…I can’t handle it anymore.”

The 30-year-old gamer sarcastically explained how his fans would expect him to send PewDiePie to a hangout in Japan:

“I’m going to text PewDiePie, ‘Hey, I’m in Japan, you’re in Japan, and we’re both YouTubers! Please let people live their lives.”

He continued by saying:

“I think the last thing PewDiePie wants is for people to move to Japan for a fresh environment and for people to show up and be like, ‘Hey! PewDiePie, is that you?! Do you want to work together or something?’”

Disguised Toast then claimed that PewDiePie decided to move to Japan because viewers were constantly trying to get the latter’s attention:

“What’s wrong with you? You’re the reason he moved to Japan to get away from scared people like you, like, ‘Oh, PewDiePie’s around? I better hit him, I better take a picture, I better try to get his attention.'”

The minute-long conversation ended when Disguised Toast asked his viewers:

“Let the man live his life.”

Fans are reacting to Disguised Toast’s powerful statements

The YouTube comments section featured a handful of fan reactions, almost all of which agreed with what the Twitch streamer had to say:

Fans react to the streamer's powerful statement to his viewers (Image via POG Highlights/YouTube)
Fans react to the streamer’s powerful statement to his viewers (Image via POG Highlights/YouTube)

Jeremy is an iconic streaming personality known for her extensive knowledge of Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone title.

Aside from streaming the card game for thousands of hours, the Twitch streamer has also been spotted streaming games like Among Us, Fortnite, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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