Disguised Toast laughs at Ninja’s advice on how to stream well

While streaming from his hotel in Japan, Disguised Toast reacted to Drew Gooden’s streaming review of Ninja’s Masterclass. Watching the video with his chat, the streamer had a hard time not laughing, and at one point clarified that his streaming strategy and personality are not at all in line with those recommended in Ninja’s class.

The course’s critique has garnered a lot of attention on YouTube, with Gooden’s video hitting a million views in one day. Toast enjoyed the time looking at the review, but when Ninja explained his philosophy on how a streamer should interact with chat, he had to make his point:

“I’m doing the damn opposite. If someone tells you how sad they are, I don’t give a damn.”

Disguised Toast explains his streaming strategy and how he interacts with his viewers

The Masterclass website offers a variety of classes from cooking to acting. Twitch megastar Ninja offers a course on the platform aimed at coaching potential streamers on the essentials of their careers.

Streaming requires a lot of effort. After all, one must not only provide quality content, but also interact with the chat in real time. YouTuber Drew Gooden’s 30-minute video is a sarcastic review of the course offered on the site, titled I took Ninja’s master class and it ruined my life. The disguised Toast could hardly stop laughing as he watched in what amounted to a course roast.

(timestamp 0:41:17)

After Gooden points out that the coursework had repeated content in different modules, the video cuts to Ninja giving advice on how to interact with the chat. According to him, the streamer should always try to get in touch with people in chat, especially if they have a personal question or information to share.

By sharing and storing personal information, the Fortnite streamer suggested that the viewer would be more likely to become a permanent member of the community:

“Listen to your chat. Next time they come in and say something about their dog, maybe their dog isn’t feeling well. And they come in the next day and you’re just like, ‘Hey, Jack. What’s up buddy? How’s your dog, man?’ You probably just secured that viewer for life.”

Disguised Toast saw things differently, however, jokingly revealing that he hardly keeps any information about his viewers’ private lives:

“I’m not giving up. You’re bringing my mood down. Screw it.”

After laughing at his own revelation, he clarified:

“Look, I’m sorry I don’t farm parasocial viewers. listen folks i care about you But I can’t physically take care of each and every one of you. I care for you as a collective. OK?”

Fans react to Disguised Toast reveal

Many fans in chat and on Reddit joked that they were talking about their dogs to mock Ninja’s advice.

Chat banter with Toast (Image via Disguised Toast/Twitch)
Chat banter with Toast (Image via Disguised Toast/Twitch)

Many on Reddit didn’t like the course at all, and some even debated what they thought was a healthy way to answer personal questions from viewers on the stream. Most agreed that there must be a balance between sharing personal and non-personal information:

Disguised Toast is a very popular streamer on Twitch with more than 2.5 million followers. He is known for his variety shows, but perhaps best known for his collaborative streams with Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Pokimane, and others. The offline TV member stayed in Japan for a few weeks after his trip and has been streaming there for a few days.

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