Deadpool 3 update avoids the most obvious (and fatal) Disney mistake

Recent updates from Deadpool 3 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick assure that Deadpool will be as R-rated as ever, avoiding a fatal Disney blunder.

A recent update regarding dead pool 3 ensures the film avoids the most obvious (and potentially fatal) Disney blunder. Dead Pool and dead pool 2 were incredibly successful, thanks in part to their commitment to staying true to the comic book character’s origins. In good news, the authors of dead pool 3 confirms it will be R-rated. Dead Pool first debuted on the big screen in the often maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Seven years later, audiences got their chance to really get to know the Merc with a Mouth again, and Deadpool’s cinematic legacy was reborn. Ryan Reynolds played the role perfectly, and Deadpool’s R-rated combination of swear words, lewd but hilarious jokes and spectacular violence led to huge box office success and the announcement of a third installment.


The first two Dead Pool Movies were being produced while film rights to the X-Men were still held by Fox Studios. When Disney officially acquired Fox in 2019, the rights to the X-Men, and therefore Deadpool, all reverted to Marvel Studios. It was then promised that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four would soon be integrated into the MCU, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for Marvel’s shared universe. No matter how exciting the news was, concerns arose about Deadpool’s MCU future. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its family-oriented content, and everything the studio has produced theatrically to date has been rated PG-13. While Deadpool’s foul language and obscene violence aren’t his only trademarks, they are an integral part of his personality and erases all of that in a PG-13 dead pool 3 would harm character.

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But now thanks to a recent one dead pool 3 Update from writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, audiences can rest assured that Deadpool will remain Deadpool in the MCU. Although the next sequel will be put into the MCU, the writers have stated that Marvel Studios has been very supportive of it Dead Pool‘s formula for success. In view of dead pool 3With the script being written by the same duo that wrote the first two films, it’s clear that the Mercenary’s future is in good hands. The update dispels those fears dead pool 3 won’t fall into an obvious and fatal error: changing character and tone too much to fit Disney’s more family-friendly brand.

Deadpool’s success as a character doesn’t necessarily depend on being able to swear or crack vulgar jokes. Dead Pool as a franchise succeeds because the character pushes the boundaries of what’s expected of the superhero formula. The fourth wall breaks, swearing, and obscene violence make Deadpool the unique character he is as an antihero living outside the rules of standard superheroism. While these character traits could still technically be portrayed in a Disney PG-13 rating, it would likely be a watered-down version of the Mercenary that audiences know and will see as a betrayal of everything that made the character who she is . An R rating may not be required, but is enabled dead pool 3 to continue playing with what made the previous films successful.

It’s exciting to speculate about how Deadpool will fit into the future of the MCU, and particularly exciting to think about which characters he might befriend. Knowing that Marvel Studios supports the third party’s permission Dead Pool Film to hold the essence of the first two is reassuring to listen to. Deadpool’s future could impact how the MCU approaches other more violent and adult-oriented properties like The Punisher or the upcoming Disney+ daredevil Show. Although little is known about it dead pool 3In terms of the overall plot of , viewers can rest assured that the mercenary with the mouth will be back, and just as obscene as ever.

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