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In the latest episode of Celebrity MasterChef, viewers watched as Danny Jones, Lisa Snowden, Cliff Parisi and Melanie Blatt tried to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace in order to secure a spot in the finals. The first task they had to complete was to create a “fantastic theatrical” dish that stopped the show even though their presentations left viewers confused.

Before securing a place in the finals, the four remaining celebrities were tasked with stunning John and Gregg with a stunning creation.

John told the chefs they could do whatever they wanted to impress them, mentioning that they could use lights, smoke, mirrors and even fireworks to accompany their dish.

The stars were given an hour and 45 minutes to complete their meal. At the end of the round, one of them would leave the competition as it is reduced to three.

It didn’t take long for viewers to discover that each final dish would look very different, as the finalists revealed what theatrical elements they would be adding.

Cliff shared that his food would be inspired by the crime series The Sweeney, which required judges to break into a safe to get their food.

Danny, on the other hand, referenced his early days at McFly and wanted to present the food in a guitar case with smoke emanating from the sides.

Mel used spring as a catalyst for her meal, and Lisa opted for a twisted tea party akin to Alice in Wonderland.

When it came to serving Gregg and John, Lisa had the duo wear mad hatter top hats with auburn hair on their sides, and Cliff spoke to them on a walkie-talkie.

Watching each celebrity serve up their theatrical dishes left viewers completely confused as to what was happening, and some found it unnecessary.


Phil Chaney added: “Ridiculous stupidity to #celebritymasterchef tonight.”

Pidders asks, “Just stumbled upon #celebritymasterchef for the first time in this series. John and Gregg are wearing wigs – what’s up?”

Cath Hiley said: “The costume turns this into Strictly Come Masterchef”

While Twitter user MGR1711 commented, “I never thought this show could get on my nerves but this is a horror.”

Despite his best efforts to impress John and Gregg with his crime-inspired Chinese takeout, Cliff was sent home during the breathtaking challenge.

John broke the news to the finalists: “Cliff, your food was generous, you’re great fun.

“It was a wonderful competition and we are so sad that you are going.”

The Call The Midwife star thanked them for their time and admitted he’s found a new love for cooking and made some friends from his time on the show.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “I could say that going out at this point is easy, it’s not, it’s hard.

“I’ve come this far and never expected to be here, so everything is a plus.”

Celebrity MasterChef continues on BBC One on Thursday

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