Celebrity Gogglebox viewers love Dame Joanna Lumley’s garb

Celebrity Gogglebox viewers loved Dame Joanna Lumley’s appearance on the hit Channel 4 show – and her consistent eating habits. The Absolutely Fabulous legend met Gyles Brandreth for the first time on Friday night (June 10) to discuss the best of TV programming including Stranger Things, Hunted and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

And the actress and activist proved she was a lot like the rest of us as she settled in front of the TV with various snacks. Her treats included ice cream, candy, and even Brussels sprouts.

A stunned @Elva14699270 asked, “Is Dame Joanna Lumley eating raw sprouts for a snack #CelebrityGogglebox?” @Greg_Phillips_ commented, “All Joanna Lumley has done is eat since this started #CelebrityGogglebox #Gogglebox.”

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@cosmoksmom added: “Love that Joanna Lumley is eating all the goodies! #CelebrityGogglebox.”

Joanna revealed ahead of her performance that she is completely “addicted” to the Channel 4 show, saying: “I can’t wait to share a sofa with Gyles to watch the programs together. It is a great honor and ticks something off my tragically long bucket list.”

Gyles has appeared twice on Celebrity Gogglebox with Dame Maureen Lipman and Dame Sheila Hancock. He joked: “My last two Gogglebox partners from Celebrity Gogglebox got their maternity immediately after sharing the Gogglebox sofa with me. My wife thinks it’s because the Queen needs to see Gogglebox and thought Sheila and Maureen deserved a treat for sitting next to me on the sofa!

“Luckily, my friend Joanna Lumley is already a lady. Joanna and I have been friends for more than fifty years. We first met in 1969. We’ve watched a lot of TV together over the years. She probably won’t remember but when The last time we looked at the box together, she fell asleep.”

In March, Maureen ruled out a return to Celebrity Gogglebox and gave a scathing review of her time on the program. She said at the time: “I walked in and imagined they wanted me for my wit and my brains. Of course, they just want to show you Willies and shock you.

“Honestly, we were really fun together, but none of that came to fruition. And if they don’t want to use what we gave them, fuck them. It’s from my point of view. I’m sure they’ll put someone else in Gyles’ place.”

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