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Jimmy Fallon sold his creative soul to the left in the age of Trump.

So it’s not shocking to see him on a B-list star to do the reverse of Roe v. cursing Wade by the Supreme Court.

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, shared a monologue on The Tonight Show about how much her mother’s abortion meant to the family. She capped it off with, what else, an expletive.

Celebrity F-Bomb Brigade Proves Stars Can't Debate
Actress Maya Hawke during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. (Photo by: Todd Owyoung/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Rather several.

“Of course, wealthy people will always be able to have abortions, but so many people will not only be unable to achieve their dreams because of this ruling this week, they will actually lose their lives and be insecure.” And I just wanted to say that, like fuck the Supreme Court.”

Maya Hawke

And Fallon, who outraged the left after messing up Donald Trump’s hair six years ago, begged for more.

“You can absolutely say that,” Fallon grinned before Hawke said it again, and again, which earned him more praise from Fallon.

To do justice to young Hawke, her abortion speech had nuance and thoughtful perspective.

Most celebrities simply spit out an expletive, usually the F-bomb, and take their virtue as a signal for the day. You may have learned it by watching Robert De Niro curse President Donald Trump at the 2018 Tony Awards.

Consider Janelle Monae, who split her middle digit late last month and cursed the court out of the BET stage. Or singer Olivia Rodrigo, who sings “f*** you” during a concert in England.

Or Green Day, the faux-punk rocker whose lead singer vowed to renounce his US citizenship after the decision. Oh, and he gave everyone who disagreed their own f*** off slam.

Or Wanda Sykes, who yelled to her hard-left colleague Stephen Colbert that America is no longer a democracy (it never was, technically).

Or Pink tells pro-life Americans to stop listening to their music, and finally, “f*** off right now.”

Or “Bros” star Billy Eichner blowing up pro-life dudes with, yes, another blast parade.

Do you feel a pattern?

Celebs have long given up trying to convince those who disagree with their worldview. They often lack the necessary skills to even attempt such a feat. The modern liberal prefers to dwell in an ideological bubble, demeaning his ideological opponents as racists, sexists… whatever “is” comes to mind.

They also lack the necessary empathy towards the pro-life contingent.

That’s why they love social media. They can preach to their heart’s content without having to deal with their critics. A block here, an ignored answer there, and they don’t have to sweat their worldview.

This is especially true in how they arm the stages of awards shows as their personal soapboxes.

Nobody can discuss them in real time. The press certainly won’t scrutinize them for their progressive blunt speeches. Did any entertainment journalist address Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-hypocrisy after his climate change screed at the 2016 Oscars?

Smarter stars may visit platforms where they can change some hearts and/or minds. Why not chat with Tucker Carlson on Fox News? Carlson’s audience is huge and he would probably love debating the current issues with liberal actors.

Aside from the simple act of appearing on Carlson’s show, it might taint her in the eyes of her fellow liberals. Remember what happened when actor/producer Mark Duplass shared some nice thoughts about Ben Shapiro in 2018? The ‘Creep’ film star humbled himself for treating Shapiro like a human.

Swearing stars don’t realize how damaging their brand and potentially their long-term careers is by swearing at potential fans. Sure, the money is flowing today, but what about next year? Or in 10 years?

They also don’t influence many potential voters. In fact, they are likely to make the other side pounce on their worldview.

On the other hand, signaling virtue is about feeling good now…not tomorrow.

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