Celebrity Chef Tim Love’s new concert venue opens in Fort Worth – your first look at Tannahill’s

fOrt Worth Executive Chef Tim Love is known for his many restaurant and catering successes. With the opening of Hotel Otto last year, Love even added a hotelier to his resume. This is a container hotel near the drop off behind Love’s Gemelle Restaurant. Now, Love’s new live music venue called Tannahill’s Tavern & Music Hall will open this Friday, October 7th at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The new concert venue, restaurant and private function rooms are located in the historic horse and mule barns of the Stockyards’ Mule Alley redevelopment. (PaperCity Fort Worth first wrote about plans for Tannahills last February.)

The first act to take to the venue’s brand new stage and put Tannahill’s Tavern & Music Hall’s state-of-the-art audio and lighting equipment through its paces will be Friday’s opening band Love & Chaos. They are followed by the main act – Austin’s bluesy rock group, the Arc Angels.

Texas band Love and Chaos will open for Tannahill's debut concert.
Texas band Love and Chaos will open for Tannahill’s debut concert.

Fort Worth has already covered major concerts with Dickies Arena. Every major music name has seemingly made a stop in Fort Worth in recent years. In the case of Paul McCartney, it was his only concert in the entire state of Texas. Cowtown’s more intimate live music scene also thrives at venues like Magnolia Motor Lounge, Lola’s Saloon and The Post at River East. But how about attracting those mid-range acts and a mid-size venue?

This is the void that Tannahill’s plans aim to fill. It offers a modern lounge area designed for up to 1,000 concert-goers.

Love, who named this new music mecca in honor of his son, has cemented his Stockyards presence over the past 21 years. He now has the original Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, White Elephant Saloon, Love Shack, Atico, and two newly opened Mule Alley additions at Paloma Suerte and Caterina’s, his intimate Italian restaurant located directly across from Tannahill’s.

Well, love tells paper town more in this exclusive interview:

PaperCity: As a restaurateur, caterer and now hotelier at the Hotel Otto, culinary delights and hospitality run in your blood. What drew you into the entertainment arena with this new showcase music hall?

Tim love: I’ve always dreamed of having a venue that combines my love of live music and food.

Over the years I’ve developed a relationship with Live Nation and we’ve partnered on this project to give the Fort Worth community the concert venue they’re missing. One with a variety of quality acts across a variety of music genres in an intimate and upscale setting.

PC: Why is Fort Worth itching for more live music?

Love: I have spent over 20 years developing businesses in the Stockyards and am so proud of how it has grown into a thriving center of commerce and culture. The people of Fort Worth love live music and I wanted to create a venue with a diverse cast to draw music fans from across the city and beyond to the Stockyards.

The Mule Alley Redevelopment is the ideal place for this type of music venue with 1,000 caps and Live Nation is top of the class. We’re super excited that we’ve already been able to bring live acts to Fort Worth that would have gone to Dallas or Austin instead.

Tannahill's - Pre-event area in Tannahill's Tavern and Music Hall.  Type Six rendering.
Pre-event area at Tannahill’s Tavern & Music Hall. (Courtesy of Type Six)

PC: I know you’ve been increasingly involved in design with your recent openings (Gemelle, Atico and Caterina’s). Describe Tannahill’s room and its design. What mood did you want?

Love: When I opened Lonesome Dove 22 years ago, we couldn’t really afford a designer – and we built the space ourselves. This has been an issue for years. Architects and designers play a key role in helping us create spaces that are incredible, but we bring a lot of creative direction and overall vision.

At Gemelle, Atico and Caterina’s we contributed more from a design perspective because we have a clearer understanding of how the spaces should look and feel.

At Tannahill’s, I wanted to create a world-class venue that would draw bands to play at this place in this city. To do this we have preserved the beautiful historic bones of this ancient mule stable for many generations to come. Our guiding philosophy is to focus on creating the best guest experience and a welcoming home for touring musicians.

It feels like you’re in the Stockyards, but now with amazing sound, light, sightlines, and a variety of food and drink options.

PC: Tell me about the tavern part of the equation. What’s on the menu?

Tannahill’s offers an extensive tavern-style menu with dishes such as grilled oysters, crab fritters, smoked cauliflower, fried bologna sandwiches, wild boar sloppy joes and steak fries.

Your first look at Tannahill’s

Tim Love is a regular at music festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo. He also holds the title of Official Chef for Austin City Limits. So it’s not far-fetched to add your own music location.

Of course, Love knows even better about food and drinks. And Tannahill’s signature cocktails will be featured at the opening concert on Friday night.

A highlight in one of Tannahill's three mezzanine VIP suites.  (Courtesy of Type Six)
A highlight in one of Tannahill’s three mezzanine VIP suites. (Courtesy of Type Six)

Most tickets at Tannahill’s are open seating and standing room only with discounts on pre-event dining and concerts. Love has also added three 20-person VIP suites upstairs on the mezzanine level, offering a separate lounge area and private bar – all with views of the main stage. He is willing to provide premium food and beverage packages and can even arrange platinum packages including accommodation for concert goers with the funds.

When not hosting top music acts, Tannahill’s will undergo a complete Clark-Kent move. The 26,000 square foot space, designed by Studio 11 Design, will be converted into an event venue. With the option of serving multi-course menus for up to 500 people. Think of weddings, family reunions and other social and business events.

Tannahill’s Tavern & Music Hall is finally here. Get ready to rock.

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