Celebrity chef shares tips for the best BBQ

Image: James Strawbridge has put together some grilling tips

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After the good weather of the last few months, Great Britain is facing another heat wave in the coming week.

People across the country want to make the most of the good weather and take advantage of the heat to spend time in the garden with their friends and families.

And the best way to do it is with a BBQ, a favorite British summertime activity!

But how do you host the perfect BBQ? Celebrity chef James Strawbridge has compiled his top tips to help everyone this summer.

Cook over embers, not flames

Be patient and wait for charcoal or wood to really burn off to get strong constant heat for cooking. Hot embers reduce the chance of flare-ups and give you much more control over the grill.

Vegetable power

As the star of the show, try grilling veggies over embers instead of just serving salads and veggie skewers on the side. Spring greens work very well, cauliflower steaks, radishes or peas in the pod can all be cooked in one grill basket.

Try grilling veggies on the embers (Photo by Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Low and slow

This summer, try a slow-cooked recipe with some wood shavings for a smoky flavor. Try a brisket hot smoked at 120°C with an internal temperature of 94°C for 5-6 hours for an authentic tasting BBQ.

Down and dirty

Try onions thrown directly onto the hot coals and cooked in their skins for 45 minutes. Once blackened, cut in half to remove the sweet, tender onions from their charred outer layers and toss with the parsley and butter.

chimney lighting

To avoid having to wait until sunset to enjoy the barbecue, get efficient and buy a chimney to light the charcoal. They are really quick and easy to use and massively reduce setup time.

Photo by jammyphotouk/ Getty Images/ iStockPhoto

Don’t forget the mop

To prevent food from drying out, remember to baste, glaze or brush with a delicious BBQ sauce. Also, when indirect grilling, try putting a bowl of water in the grill oven to help retain the meat’s moisture.

Ole smoky

Add a handful of wood chips to the grill for a woodsy flavor and deep smoke ring. Try apple, oak, hickory, and cherry shavings.

probe security

Invest in a meat probe to keep track of the internal temperature of the food. They are really easy to use and help to understand what is going on inside the grill.

Burn baby burn

Instead of imported briquettes, buy sustainably sourced charcoal for grilling.

Keep smiling

If you don’t smile, you’re doing everything wrong!

Enjoy cooking over the fire this summer and be creative with your recipes.

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