Celebrity chef Curtis Stone launches private chef platform Gathar

How it works is simple. Gathar customers simply select or create their desired menu and the culinarian (chef, chef or caterer) comes with everything needed to cook, serve and clean up afterwards. A dedicated Gathar concierge takes care of every delicious detail from start to finish, leaving the hosts to worry only about the invitations.

For those who think the private chef experience is an unattainable luxury, Gathar is a game changer, providing once-in-a-lifetime meals and on-demand experiences, starting with sausage tables and appetizer packages $50 per person and seated menus $150 per person.

“What sets Gathar apart from any competitor on the market is the quality. We carefully screen and select the finest chefs, sourcing only fresh, local ingredients, to offer you a true 5-star dining experience anywhere, anytime. ‘ Stone said.

Gathar was founded in Australia in 2018 by a passionate team of foodies across engineering, marketing and gastronomy. Led by Gathar CEO and Co-Founder, Jodie Mlikotathe company’s vision is to be the number one global place to book amazing private dining experiences.

Gathar’s US expansion is based on securing A$1 million post-seed funding led by investment firm ACAC Innovation, along with new investors including Up Bank co-founder, Dominik Pym. After the company has firmly established itself los Angelesother US locations will follow quickly.

“As a result of the Covid pandemic, many Americans have discovered the freedom to work from home – and they like it. With Gathar, they can now enjoy fine dining at home on demand!” explains Jodie Mlikota. “Gathar is also providing a new revenue stream for chefs, many of whom have been evicted because of Covid. We certainly aren’t trying to replace the restaurant experience, just complementing it and offering something different and unique – and based on our success in Australiawe are confident los Angeles is for a treat!”

About Gathar

Gathar’s mission is to change the way the world gathers by creating amazing dining experiences wherever you are. Gathar takes the hard work out of entertaining, seamlessly connecting those who love to cook with those who love to entertain (but don’t love the hard work that comes with it!) so you have more time to enjoy the good times. Gathar was founded in 2018 by a passionate team of foodies across tech, marketing and gastronomy. Our vision is to be the number one global destination to book amazing dining experiences. For more information, please visit: or about Instagram or LinkedIn

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