Catch IShowSpeed’s meteoric rise to fame

Darren “IShowSpeed” or simply Speed ​​is an Ohio-born YouTuber, gamer, and former Twitch streamer. Speed ​​is among the fastest growing streamers and his channel has gained over eight million subscribers in just over a year.

It’s interesting to note that IShowSpeed’s rise isn’t due to an affiliation with content houses or gaming organizations like Sway House or FaZe Clan. It hasn’t exploded in popularity on other platforms like Vine (now discontinued) or TikTok either.

IShowSpeed’s meteoric rise to fame through various controversies

Speed ​​started uploading gaming-related videos to YouTube in mid-2019. His uploads were often without commentary or face cameras. The games were usually NBA 2K, WWE 2K or Fortnite. His setup wasn’t exceptional either, as he streamed videos at lower resolutions.

Initially, his monthly viewership ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand views by mid-2020. On the other hand, his monthly subscriber count increased within a few months. In fact, between the months of May and June 2021, Speed ​​gained almost 1 million subscribers.

Although he didn’t rise to fame overnight, many viewers believe that Speed’s rise to fame was due to his compulsive reactions; It’s hard to tell if the American is faking his reactions or really expressing them.

Speed ​​didn’t have to rely on specific game-related skills like Ninja or Myth. His over-the-top and often offensive reactions were trendy enough to entertain many viewers and attract new viewers. He also used to post short excerpts from his long live streams, which were particularly well received by fans.

In some of his most viral clips, he barked and raged at his subscriber count, which went up and down. Between June 22 and June 29, 2021, Speed ​​grew from 300,000 subscribers to 1 million.

Since 2K21 was an overwhelming release, Speed ​​moved to other games and created Omegle-related content. By then, multiple sites had started sharing his clips on platforms like TikTok, contributing to his meteoric rise.

However, his streaming career has not been free of controversy. In December 2021, Speed ​​caught the eye of the storm while participating in Adin Ross’ e-dating stream on Twitch. In the stream, Speed ​​makes a comment about Ash Kaash, a model that could easily be seen as inappropriate.

He said,

“Let’s say we’re the last two people and we need to breed for the world to go on, would you breed with me?”

To which Ash calmly replied:

“No. Because that means our kids would have to intertwine and their kids…no.”

The controversial comment in question that IShowSpeed ​​made of him is the following:

“Who will stop me? If we’re the last two people on earth, who’s going to stop me?”

Youtube cover

Speed ​​received a lot of flak due to his reckless behavior and was permanently banned from Twitch. It’s also likely that he lied about his age on the show, despite being underage at the time. However, this setback did not prevent him from progressing.

He streams regularly on YouTube these days. In response to a question about his favorite footballer, he coined the term “Sewi”. This term spread like wildfire in the gaming and soccer community.

Speed ​​is also a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan and pokes fun at Messi at every opportunity. His absurd way of expressing his thoughts on football makes his streams extremely funny.

He also regularly streams FIFA on YouTube, making him one of the few American YouTubers to stream FIFA 22. He has also released some songs such as shake, God is goodand Ronaldo; These videos have a combined view count of over 100 million.

Funny tweets fans shared about IShowSpeed

As a popular figure in the community, people are only expected to post reaction tweets often. Here are some funny ones from the crowd.

After refusing to start his stream, overweight silverback gorilla Adin is seen talking to him #I show speed while getting a tattoo of Messi?

IShowSpeed ​​continues to stream regularly on YouTube, where he has amassed over eight million followers. Besides FIFA 22 streams, it also records VR videos, Omegle reactions and various other games.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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