Carter Star is gearing up for his movie comeback

Joo won returns with a bang for the upcoming Netflix movieCarter.

The 34-year-old star is headlining his first film in six years, starring as a veteran agent in the action thriller.

Joo Won never disappointed fans with his comeback after drastic transformation.

Joo Won Training: carter Star gained 7kg of muscle for the Netflix movie

In March 2021, Netflix confirmed that Joo Won had been cast in an upcoming action-packed movie.

A year later, the streaming giant released enticing stills that showed off the actor’s stunning physique.

In a report cited by Soompi, the 34-year-old star says he underwent rigorous preparation ahead of the film.

Joo Won’s workout routine includes going to the gym regularly for three to four months and doing action and stunt training

His activities also include handling motorcycles and car stunts. As a result, Joo Won’s workout made him bulky and gained 7kg in muscle, hence his drool-worthy body as seen in carter still cuts.

Moreover, the actor was also covered with massive tattoos on his body while playing agent carter.

In the same report carter Director Jung Byung Gil praised the actor’s dedication to his role, saying he’s “quick at picking up action.”

Additionally, the PD called Joo Woon “the best at action scenes” as one of the male actors he’s seen, adding, “He was born with beautiful imagery and lines [of the body].”

Viewers would see Joo Won in an action spy blockbuster that premieres August 5 as he plays a highly skilled secret agent who wakes up with no memory of his past including his identity and ends up being embroiled in a special mission.

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Is Joo Won’s new movie carter Worth seeing?

With just days to go before the premiere, Netflix is ​​teasing viewers with mesmerizing stills and trailers for all to see carter.

In a separate report, quoted by Soompi, the director shared that he maximized his use of technology and “tried to make the impossible possible to capture that [stunts] with real action instead of CG (computer graphics).”

In addition, the production team hired martial arts director Kwon Gwi Deok to oversee the action scenes and developed a new method to show characters getting into dangerous situations.

As for Joo Won, he described carter as his most anticipated project and hints at the intensity of the film, saying, “Once you start watching it, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.”

Interestingly by the way carter, He is also headlining an upcoming action drama film, Fire department, alongside Yoo Jae Myung, Kwak Do Won and Lee Yoo Young.

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