Bungie appears to be developing a Destiny FPS mobile game

We’ve had the wispy hints of Bungie’s upcoming non-Destiny 2 projects for the past few years, but now a few things seem to be starting to fall into place. While we think Bungie is working on a new IP for a wide-ranging PvP-focused game, it seems they’re still leaning towards the Destiny IP for something else, a mobile game.

This comes from The Game Post, which scours job postings and LinkedIn pages for new leads on a weekly basis.

It seems that the long-running joint project between Bungie and Chinese mobile developer NetEase will be a Destiny FPS for mobile devices. The NetEase artist’s LinkedIn profile in question states that they are working with Bungie on “an unannounced FPS mobile game.”

The Game Post also cites their own sources that, perhaps unsurprisingly, this is a Destiny game that’s already been two years in development. It is also Not a mobile version of Destiny 2 despite being set in the Destiny universe. Don’t know if it might have a connection to the main game, but it seems to be its own thing. Bungie is also reportedly working on its own mobile engine.

Mobile FPS games are on the rise, and you don’t have to look further than Call of Duty Mobile to see how the market for it has evolved. Of course, any talk of a popular franchise going mobile is cause for concern in the age of Diablo Immortal and similar projects, because if you make a mobile game, you’re likely to monetize it like a mobile game, which means a combination of paying, to skip waiting times, play loot boxes and pay for electricity. There’s no telling exactly what an undeniable Destiny F2P shooter will look like on mobile, but it’s almost impossible to imagine it escaping the controversy of the game’s current fanbase.

If it’s true that this game has been in development for a while, it might be time to reveal it soon. There are a hundred different ways this could end up looking, and I’m sure the goal is to broaden the Destiny IP and not only attract mobile players (and their money), but also new players into it Bringing mainstream franchises to the table Well, that’s going to continue even as all these other projects come to fruition.

But the road ahead is fraught with risks that balance the way most mobile games monetize and the kind of experience players have come to expect from Destiny. You might be thinking Diablo Immortal might offer a roadmap of what Not to do, and yet this game is currently making a lot of money, so… you see the problem.

Again, nothing is confirmed yet, but the overall idea that some sort of Destiny FPS mobile game is coming seems pretty cemented at this point, and hopefully some reveals are coming soon. Bungie Day is finally next week.

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