Big3 Basketball Takes Over Atlanta With Celebrity, All-Star, and Championship Games (Exclusive)

Founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, the Big3 basketball league has just wrapped up its fifth season, capping one of the biggest weekends in its history. On Sunday, the league took over Atlanta’s State Farm Arena for the Big 3 championship game between Trilogy and Power. But before that game happened, the Big3 hosted a Celebrity Game and the league’s first-ever All-Star Game, with the entire event being broadcast on CBS and Paramount+.

The celebrity game featured some notable stars from both sports and entertainment. Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski and Grammy Award-winning artist Nelly were team captains and excelled in the 3-on-3 competition. The celebrity game also featured AEW star Miro, former NFL star Vernon Davis, Wallo and Gille from Barstool Sports, former Harlem globetrotter Crissa Jackson and Matt James from The bachelor and recording artists Miky Woodz, Ozuna and NLE Choppa.

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Once the Celebrity Game was over, the first All-Star Game began featuring some of the league’s best players. Speaking to the media ahead of the game, All-Star Donté Green spoke about playing in the Big 3 after being overseas since 2009. “Man, I feel great,” Greene said. “It’s a great league that I’ve been in for three years. And it’s just been a great time over the summer. I did it. To be able to come back home and then play in front of them and hang out with them.”

Greene also spoke about the influence Ice Cube had on him. “Well first of all his love of the game is incredible,” he said. “He really loves basketball and he’s always been a basketball fan. Just sitting there and being able to chat with him over the years isn’t just for profit… He loves basketball. He appreciates the guys, the players that are in the league. And it says a lot about him that he only offers jobs for people who play abroad and still want a chance to play.”

The championship game between Trilogy and Power was next and Trilogy walked away with a 51-35 victory. Trilogy has won the title for the last two years and also during the Big 3’s inaugural season in 2017. After the game, Trilogy head coach and former NBA star Stephen Jackson spoke about how the league has helped players have another opportunity to play the game they love.

“Boys make $100,000 a year when the NBA took it back from a lot of boys, and the boys didn’t know if they were going to play or if they were going to get a chance to play again,” Jackson said. “So the fact [Ice Cube] opened that door and gave that way, even guys like me who don’t play but i love to be a part of the game. He saved many lives and gives us the opportunity to stay in love with the game that changed our lives. So we are forever in debt [Ice Cube] and Jeff for the opportunity.”

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