‘Big Bang Theory’ fans gasp after Kaley Cuoco lost her temper on TikTok

In the age of social media, it’s pretty common for celebrities to give fans a glimpse into their behind-the-scenes lives. The flight attendant star Kaley Cuoco is no exception and her team was part of the fun too.

Earlier this month, on June 14th, friend and famous fashion stylist Brad Goresky shot a few tiktok videos by The big Bang Theory Actress getting dressed up for a red carpet event. While it initially seemed like Kaley wasn’t keen on him teasing her for all of his social media followers, she eventually started playing along. When Brad posted a second TikTok a short time later, it was 8 simple rules star started harassing him in the same way he had done to her.

“Shut up, Brad!” she jokingly said in the no-makeup clip. “Brad, who do you think you are?” Kaley’s friend/celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg interfered.

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Of course, to make things even funnier, the stylist had to respond to his friend’s quips with his own incarnation of Kaley. “Oh, how do I get the product out of my hair?” he teased. “It’s such a mystery. I don’t know – how about a shower, Kaley?”

‘The Flight Attendant’

We’re absolutely hysterical about the hilarity that comes with Brad and Kaley’s friendship. “Why not she go hiking? Go out. Go to Runyon!” Jamie responded to Brad’s banter, to which he replied, “Jamie, I swear to God.”

Just as everyone in the video laughed hysterically, people who later watched the fictional argument also enjoyed the back-and-forth between the trio. “EVERYBODY needs a Jamie. 🥰,” one fan commented on Brad’s TikTok. “I’m going to yell ‘GO TO RUNYON’ now when I’m fed up 😂😂😂,” another replied. “This is my favorite celebrity friendship,” replied one.

There’s clearly a lot of love between Kaley and her longtime friend, and fans love to see them together. In fact, followers had a lot of thoughts about her not wearing makeup in this series of videos. Read more about it here:

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