Become Human’s big plot twist.

The article contains spoilers. Earlier today, Twitch streamers Michael Reeves and Lily Pichu gave a hilarious reaction to the big storyline of Detroit: Become Human. During their recent live stream, the duo can be seen reacting to the final twist of the hugely popular title Detroit: Become Human, in which Alice turned out to be a real android the whole time.

Read on to understand Detroit: Become Human’s big plot twist and how the streaming duo responded to it.

Michael Reeves and LilyPichu were stunned after seeing the massive plot twist in Detroit: Become Human

Twitch streamers Michael Reeves and LilyPichu left in shock after seeing the latest plot twist in Detroit: Become Human. Of course, the plot twist hit the duo massively, as evidenced by their hilarious reaction.

After learning the whole truth about Alice being an android all along, Michael Reeves hilariously remarks:

What, you stupid piece **. Are you an android? And you complain so much? are you fucking me are you shit How can a damn machine complain like that? How can a damn machine want to sleep in a bed?

Almost immediately, Michael Reeves understood the entire plot twist and began to question the potential plot gaps in the storyline.

Fans react to the big plot twist

As expected, Michael Reeves’ hilarious reaction to the plot twist prompted many interesting reactions from viewers. Here are some of the most relevant responses from viewers.

Understand the massive plot twist of Detroit: Become Human

Overall, Detroit: Become Human is a beautiful story about a robot (Kara) and how she took care of a human (Alice) and did everything to protect her from eminent dangers.

However, it is not as simple and straightforward as it might appear from the outside. There’s this big plot twist towards the end of the title that reveals that Alice was an android the whole time.

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The twist in the plot was a huge hit for the players as the emotional bond between Kara and Alice seemed a bit useless with this twist. For the majority of players after this massive reveal, the storyline felt like it missed out on something really special.

It goes without saying, but the prospect of a robot taking care of a human like her own mother and having that special overwhelming bond with her was quite emotional and special at the same time.

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Basically, the whole point of this act is to show that love is love, it doesn’t depend on what the other person is on the inside.

Remarkably, many of our favorite video games and titles have beautifully written stories, characters, dialogue, and not to mention crazy plot twists. Some of these plot twists add a touch of emotional and symbolic depth to the overall storyline, while others fail to impress the community.

Either way, plot twists play an important role in making any title, series, or even movie a huge success.

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