Batgirl Directors Reveal What The Flash Delay Means For Their Movie

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah discuss how delaying The Flash will affect their own DC film as Batman appears in both.

bat girl is one of the most anticipated upcoming DC movies for many fans. After the hectic production of the coming The Lightning Movie, the directors of bat girl revealed how they are tackling their project amid the drama.

bat girl will follow the title character and will also bring back Michael Keaton’s Batman after his much-anticipated appearance in the upcoming one The Lightning Movie. However, Batman’s inclusion in both films has raised questions ever since The Lightning will come out much later than now bat girl following the recent change in the release date of the former.


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bat girl Speaking to Insider, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah dropped some interesting information about their upcoming DC Comics adaptation. “We don’t know when ‘Batgirl’ will be out,” El Arbi explained. “No one told us anything about optimizations just to keep going.” This is of course slightly alarming. While it’s good that they’re allowed to continue production, it’s worrying that there’s no release date in sight, suggesting Warner Bros. hasn’t made a final decision on whether bat girl appears on HBO Max or in theaters exclusively.

The DC timeline is interesting. With Warner Bros. having confirmed DC films in the past only to cancel them or dramatically push back the release date, it’s clear they’re doing their best to stay afloat and adapt to what’s thrown at them. Right now, DC Films is looking for a new studio head because they need an overall head to keep the releases on track.

Right now, Warner Bros. is probably doing fine because the DC movies aren’t really interacting. The Lightning Delay does not affect it bat girl although the two films share characters. Nothing really seems to connect with her other films either. The BatmanDwayne Johnsons Black Adamand bat girl have no major obvious connections, unlike the connected Marvel Cinematic Universe. This serves as a helpful aspect as DC figures out how to approach the rest of their films.

Everyone tries to give ideas to the popular DC company. A lot of people also come up with their own theories about what’s happening, as if all the drama was pre-planned behind the scenes. It would do DC well if they let Zack Snyder finish his universe, bring back the actors who left, and take film after film while slowly introducing smaller characters.

bat girl is currently expected to appear on HBO Max in 2022.

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