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Aila Daian looks like she’s walking on water as she won the girls’ 10-12 longboard title at the 28th Pohai Na Keiki Nalu at Launiupoko Beach Park on Saturday. Jono Craig Photos

Kaden Awad was a two-time winner at the 28th Pohai Na Keiki Nalu at Launiupoko Beach Park on Saturday.

Over 200 participants between the ages of 5 and 13 surfed in 53 heats in 14 divisions.

Awad won the Bodyboard 10-12 and Boys Shortboard 11-12 competitions. The finals for these divisions were held back-to-back at Kihei Summit, with the bodyboard final being held first.

“It was fun, I thought it was a 15-minute final.” Awad said about his bodyboard heat. “But it was actually 20 minutes so I quit pretty quickly but I was able to catch a few waves.”

Kaden Awad poses with his surfboard after winning the 11-12 shortboard divisions for boys and the 10-12 divisions for bodyboards on Saturday.

He was able to rest in the water for those five minutes when a friend paddled out his shortboard and brought his bodyboard back to shore.

The shortboard final was a bit more challenging as the higher tide and onshore winds ravaged the changing line-up.

“It was still fun,” said Awad. “The waves were pretty crunchy, it was pretty bumpy, it was hard to get a good wave to maximize the turns.”

The aspiring eighth-grader Montessori did enough to earn the highest winning score of any Finals, 14.00. This will be his last year at Pohai as next year he will be too old.

“I’ve been doing this competition since I was about six years old.” he said. “It’s my last year so I wanted it to be a good experience.”

Girls 7-8 shortboard champion Sayler Udell (yellow jersey) catches a wave Saturday with Anala Van Pelt (black) and Madison Cambier.

Awad is traveling to Huntington Beach, California for the National Scholastic Surfing Association national championship next week. Last year, Awad won the Explorer Menehune (U13) division and finished third in the Open Mini-Groms (U12).

“It’s good exercise for HD because the waves are usually pretty small and pretty dodgy.” added the 13-year-old from Haiku.

Aila Daian won the 10-12 girls longboard title and placed third in the 11-12 girls shortboard.

“I couldn’t get past my first run last year” said Daian. “It was really fun this year but the waves were pretty small. They weren’t really consistent. Every once in a while there was a set, but if you missed the set you had to wait for another set.”

Participants were allowed to catch a maximum of six waves, with the two best waves counting. Daian caught her six waves in the first 15 minutes of her 20-minute final. She then had to wait on the sidelines and watch as the other girls caught waves.

Brixton Craig, 7-9 boys longboard champion, cross-steps toward the nose of his board.

“I got out very early” said Daian. “I just sat there and looked at the other people. It was really stressful.”

Stella Pogni came close but was just a point away from overtaking Daian on her last run.

Other female winners included: Juliet Farinas (shortboard 5-6), Sayler Udell (shortboard 7-8), Indy Forbes (shortboard 9-10), Koryann Mouery (shortboard 11-12) and Anala Van Pelt (longboard 7-9) . ). The other boys winners were: Eli Lee (shortboard 5-6), Axel Baptiste (shortboard 7-8), Mason Burns (shortboard 9-10), Brixton Craig (longboard 7-9), Nahuel Messera (longboard 10-12). ) and Aukan Messera (bodyboard 7-9).


Pohai Na Keiki Nalu

Saturday’s results

At Launiupoko Beach Park


short board

5-6-1. Juliet Farinas, 2nd Millie Colpas, 3rd Kajarine Edelhertz, 4th Olena Pascher, 5th Sia Caserta, 6th Moani Hovey.

7-8-1. Sayler Udell, 2nd Anala Van Pelt, 3rd Kalli Sprenger, 4th Madison Cambier, 5th Peata Lee-Hubin, 6th Mila Robalino.

9-10-1. Indy Forbes, 2nd Gracie Sarno, 3rd Dakotah Buzianis, 4th Xani Poulsen, 5th Malia Cole, 6th Emi Norah.

11-12-1. Koryann Mouery, 2nd Scout Smith, 3rd Aila Daian, 4th Stella Pogni, 5th Payton Kuwasaki, 6th Alana Robalino.


7-9-1. Anala Van Pelt, 2nd Sayler Udell, 3rd Leona Mouery, 4th Emma Johnson, 5th Sophia Spaulding, 6th Teani Silva.

10-12-1. Aila Daian, 2nd Stella Pogni, 3rd Madi Hays, 4th Zoey Offergeld, 5th Indy Forbes, 6th Xani Poulsen.


short board

5-6-1. Eli Lee, 2nd Knox Payne, 3rd Isaac Cardin, 4th Carver Masserman, 5th Maddox Williams, 6th Duke Panebianco.

7-8-1. Axel Baptiste, 2nd Aukan Messera, 3rd Brixton Craig, 4th Julian Libitsky, 5th Alexander Wuertz, 6th Kingston Farinas.

9-10-1. Mason Burns, 2nd Owen Everett, 3rd Asher McClenahan, 4th Ozzie Runyon, 5th Cole Zupner, 6th Rael Pineres-Schooley.

11-12-1. Kaden Awad, 2nd Nahuel Messera, 3rd Seth Jucker, 4th Chase Lee, 5th Taj Craig, 6th Eddie Kramer.


7-9-1. Brixton Craig, 2nd Kona Yamada, 3rd Rael Pineres-Schooley, 4th Ford Burneman, 5th Solomon McKim.

10-12-1. Nahuel Messera, 2nd Matias Banto, 3rd Elijah Molloy, 4th Taj Craig, 5th Kaina Yamada, 6th Eddie Kramer.

boys and girls

body board

7-9-1. Aukan Messera, 2nd Sephie, 3rd Bryce Cunningham, 4th Max Aruch, 5th Tahia Barsinas, 6th Shylea-Love Domen.

10-12-1. Kaden Awad, 2nd Johnny Mahan, 3rd Marshall Panebianco, 4th Jasiah Domen, 5th Kai McKim, 6th Nehemiah Lacio.

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