Attorney General Bonta Warns Gun Parts Maker to Immediately Stop Selling Deceptive Products | State of California – Department of Justice

DOJ finds manufacturer Sky Tactical Supply incorrectly claimed its FIFY rifle accessory allows buyers to evade California assault weapons laws

OAKLAND — California Attorney General Rob Bonta today ordered an immediate halt to the marketing, sale and distribution of a device touted as a way for gun owners to evade the California assault weapons laws. The Fixed It For You Fixed Magazine Cage (FIFY) is a metal device that is installed with a five-round magazine in the pistol grip of a rifle, but the magazine is not actually involved in loading, firing, and firing. unloading the gun. . FIFY manufacturer Sky Tactical Supply marketed the FIFY with erroneous claims that its installation would exempt a rifle from the California definition of an assault weapon. Today, the Attorney General sent a cease and desist letter to Sky Tactical Supply, warning the company that it was potentially committing criminal offenses by selling the FIFY in California and misleading California consumers about their liability criminal if they purchased the product. The Attorney General also issued a bulletin to all criminal justice and law enforcement agencies, firearms dealers, firearms manufacturers, and federally exempt firearms license holders. in the state, informing them that firearms with a FIFY and a five-round magazine are not exempt from the California Assault Weapon. laws.

“California’s assault weapons ban is an essential tool to prevent death and tragedy, not a technicality to try to get around,” said Attorney General Bonta. “Those who treat our gun laws like a game are playing with the lives of families and children. Not only is Sky Tactical Supply ignoring and confusing a law that protects Californians, it is also misleading its customers into buying a useless product to line their pockets. Today’s cease and desist letter is a clear warning that Sky Tactical Supply ignores at their peril. The California Department of Justice will hold accountable those who flout our state’s common sense gun laws.

In California, it is a crime to make an assault weapon or have one made. Mere possession of an assault weapon not registered in California can be a felony or misdemeanor.

California law defines several types of assault weapons, but two such types include a “centerfire semi-automatic shotgun with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds” or a “semi-automatic shotgun station without a fixed charger”. ” but one or more specified characteristics. Sky Tactical Supply claims that installing the FIFY and using a suggested five-round magazine would render a rifle outside the scope of these definitions because the rifle would have a fixed magazine with less than ten rounds. It’s wrong.

The FIFY installed with a suggested five-round magazine would not count as a “fixed magazine”, as defined by California law, because the magazine does not actually feed any ammunition into the rifle action. Instead, the magazine’s five rounds of ammunition simply remain in the pistol grip—uninvolved in loading, firing, and unloading the rifle—while the magazine well is left open. This well opening can be used to insert a different type of magazine to load, fire and unload the rifle, including a fixed magazine for more than ten rounds, a detachable magazine or a high capacity magazine. In other words, the magazine suggested by the FIFY is a dummy ammo feeder because it is not functional for the rifle it is installed in. Sky Tactical Supply has incorrectly theorized that a rifle’s classification as an assault weapon is tied to its ammo feed device of choice.

The DOJ found statements on the Sky Tactical Supply website, on Reddit, and on YouTube that demonstrate that Sky Tactical Supply markets the FIFY and its suggested magazine as a legal workaround to California’s assault weapons laws. By doing so, it could aid and abet the manufacture of illegal assault weapons by FIFY purchasers and likely mislead California consumers as to the legality of installing the product.

In the cease and desist letter, Attorney General Bonta ordered the company to immediately halt the marketing, sale and distribution of the FIFY and warned that continued sale of the device could constitute a violation of California assault weapons and consumer protection laws.

Attorney General Bonta requested proof of Sky Tactical Supply’s intent to comply with the cease and desist letter by demonstrating how it would immediately do the following:

  • Stop marketing and selling the FIFY;
  • Cancel all pending FIFY purchases; and
  • Warn anyone who purchased the FIFY and received the device that installing the device with the suggested five-round magazine on a specified rifle and continuing to own such rifle would violate California law.

A copy of the bulletin is available here, and the cease and desist letter is here.

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