At least 5 other streamers go to YouTube after Sykkuno

over the last year, youtube has become increasingly aggressive, signing a significant number of top Twitch streamers to take the plunge and stream exclusively on YouTube. The latest example is Sykkuno, known for his ties to OfflineTV and 100 Thieves, who announced last week that he had signed a deal with YouTube. But Sykkuno may just be the first in a wave of new YouTube streamers. Twitch’s Disguised Toast claims to have heard that more announcements are to come.


On a recent show of Disguised Toast, he struck up a conversation on an admittedly dramatic topic. “Is Twitch dying?” is the question Disguised Toast asked his chat. Spoilers, Disguised Toast doesn’t think Twitch is dying. However, he believes other major streamers will make the jump to YouTube soon. In fact, Disguised Toast says it knows “at least” five other Twitch streamers who are making the switch to YouTube.

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Disguised Toast is well protected when it comes to sharing more information about who might be making the jump to YouTube, unfortunately. He names no names and gives no clues. It could be some of Disguised Toast’s friends from OfflineTV, some from his friend group from Between us, or any other Twitch streamer for that matter. Disguised Toast’s network of contacts is quite large, so it’s difficult to speculate with certainty.

That hasn’t stopped the Twitch community from speculating, however. One streamer that Twitch fans believe is sure to move to YouTube due to a leaked email subject her viewers saw in 2021 is Fuslie. Others believe there could be a big shift to YouTube among 100 Thieves-sponsored streamers over the next year, as a group is more valuable than individual streamers. We will see.

The reason Disguised Toast is confident that streamers will make the leap from Twitch to YouTube is that deals are likely already signed or fully planned. For example, Disguised Toast says he knew Ludwig would be going to YouTube long before he actually made the switch, since they were both dealing with YouTube at the same time. Likewise, he has known for some time that Sykkuno would leave.

Before anyone assumes that Twitch streamers are leaving the platform due to perceived dissatisfaction or those allegedly leaked revenue share changes, Disguised Toast says there’s really only one reason people are leaving — money. youtube offers Twitch streamers lucrative exclusive deals, nothing more, nothing less.

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