As Magnum PI Stars respond to the Times Square Billboard in a bid to save the show, a promising update for Season 5 has surfaced

It’s been less than a month since CBS shocked its viewer base Canceling the sun-drenched drama MagnumPI after four seasons, despite impressive and fairly consistent rating stats from year to year. That magnums Shortly after the bad news broke, fandom took action, flooding social media with attempts to show other networks and streaming platforms how many people would follow the crime drama starring Jay Hernandez if season 5 happened somewhere else. Such efforts culminated in the #SaveMagnumPI campaign, which took over a digital billboard in the heart of Times Square, an impressive display of determination by any measure. And it wasn’t just the billboard that drew attention MagnumPI stars, but its arrival also coincided with what could be a very positive update for those hoping for Season 5 to become a reality.

Before we dive into this update, let’s first take a look at how two stars of the drama felt after seeing the #SaveMagnumPI billboard. Perdita Weeks, who portrays Juliet Higgins, shared a picture of the billboard Twitter along with a surprised and grateful message to the fans who made it possible. In her words:

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