Apple’s iOS 16 update is awesome, but not for all iPhone users

Apple confirmed some of the leaks regarding its latest operating system, iOS 16, with the official unveiling of the update at its 2022 global developer conference last week were unveiled, already causing wild excitement among iPhone users worldwide.

With the new iOS 16, iPhone users can personalize their lock screen, save family photos to the iCloud Shared Photo Library, check sent messages, schedule emails, and discover more with Live Text and Visual Look Up.

However, unlike the previous updates of the iOS operating system, iOS 16 is not suitable for all iPhone generations. Many iPhone users who were excited about this new update may find it really disappointing that they may not be able to enjoy it until they update their phones.

But excluding some iPhone sets doesn’t take the shine off iOS 16’s great features. Nairametrics takes a look at some of these features:

Personalized lock screen

The lock screen becomes more personal, beautiful and helpful with iOS 16. A new layered effect artfully places photo subjects in front of the clock on the lock screen, creating a sense of depth. Users can also change the look of the date and time with expressive font styles and color options.

The lock screen includes widgets inspired by the complications of the Apple Watch, making it easy to get information at a glance, such as:

A personalized lock screen in iOS 16 features a mountain peak.


More powerful, easier to set up, Focus now connects to the lock screen and gives users the ability to associate a lock screen wallpaper and widgets with a specific focus. To activate a focus, users can simply swipe to the corresponding lock screen. Focus filters allow apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari to show only the content relevant to a user’s focus and help them find a better balance.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

iCloud Shared Photo Library offers families a new way to seamlessly share photos with a separate iCloud library that up to six users can collaborate on, contribute to and enjoy. Users can share existing photos from their personal libraries, or share based on a start date or people in the photos. A user can also choose to automatically send photos to the shared library using a new toggle in the Camera app.

In addition, users get intelligent suggestions for sharing a photo that includes participants in the Shared Photo Library. Each user in the shared photo library can add, delete, edit, or favorite the shared photos or videos, which appear in each user’s Memories and Featured Photos, so that everyone can experience more complete family moments.

Message updates

Users can edit or retrieve recently sent messages, recover recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread so they can come back to them later. In addition, SharePlay comes to Messages and allows you to enjoy synced content like movies or songs and shared playback controls while chatting in Messages.

New Tools for Mail

Now users can schedule emails in advance and even have a moment to cancel delivery of a message before it reaches a recipient’s inbox. Mail detects when the user forgot to include an important part of their message, e.g. B. an attachment. Users also have the option to re-view a message at any date and time with reminder later and follow-up suggestions that automatically remind users to follow up on an email if they haven’t received a reply.

Live text and visual look-up improvements

Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in images on iOS and is now extended to include video. Users can pause a video at any frame and interact with text. Live Text also adds users the ability to quickly convert currencies, translate text, and more.

Wallet adds Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later offers US users a seamless and secure way to split the cost of an Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments spread over six weeks, with no interest and no fees of any kind. Apple Pay Later is integrated with Apple Wallet and was designed with users’ financial health in mind. Apple Pay Later makes it easy to view, track, and refund Apple Pay Later payments in Wallet. Users can request Apple Pay Later when checking out with Apple Pay or in Wallet. Apple Pay Later is available through the Mastercard network wherever Apple Pay is accepted online or in the app.

iPhones excluded from iOS 16

  • While unsurprisingly, iOS 16 doesn’t work with some of the oldest phones like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both released in September 2015, there are three other iPhones that are no longer updated to the latest software .
  • These include the iPhone SE (first generation), announced on March 20, 2016, which is more than six years old; iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus released in September 2016.
  • These devices are used by millions of people worldwide. This group of people won’t be able to enjoy these new awesome features in iOS 16 until they update their phones.

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