Any celebrity whose name was heard in the Depp V trial

Regardless of your opinion on the case, everyone can agree that the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was one of the most intense cases in celebrity legal history.

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Whether it was Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, or one of their many witnesses on the stand, the names of other celebrities kept popping up during testimony and cross-examination. This is every celebrity named in the process, and one of them may have been the reason Depp ended up winning.

12 Marilyn Manson

Though he’s in hot water over Manson himself being accused of sexual assault, he remains close to Johnny Depp and his family. When Depp first testified, Amber Heard’s attorney was questioning Depp about his drug and alcohol problems. Depp, always the joker, admitted, “I gave Marilyn Manson a pill once … to make him stop talking so much.” Depp got everyone in court laughing, including Heard’s attorney.


11 Marlon Brando

When one of Amber Heard’s witnesses was on the witness stand, he testified that he analyzed Johnny Depp’s psychiatric health based on his film appearances. During cross-examination, Depp’s attorneys asked the psychiatrist to compare the rumors he was spreading about Depp with similar rumors being made about the late Marlon Brando. “Isn’t he dead?” was the response of the eccentric witness. Funnily enough, Depp and Brando were friends and had worked on the film together Don Juan.

10 Winona Ryder

Ryder, who was Depp’s girlfriend for three years, also showed up during the testimony. Depp claimed Heard was jealous of the relationship he once had with him stranger things Star and that she made fun of him for his famous “Winona” tattoo, which Depp changed to “Wino.” Heard, on the other hand, accused Depp of hitting her when she asked him about the Winona tattoo.

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9 Ana de Armas

Several experts on both sides have been called to the booth to share their expertise on how the allegations Depp and Heard made against each other have hurt their careers. Some experts shared so-called “Q-Scores”, algorithms that determine the positive and negative perception of a celebrity. Heard’s attorneys claimed that if Depp hadn’t sued Heard, her Q-score would have been as high as that of Ana De Armas, who they said was a rising star similar to Heard. Depp’s witnesses challenged this with evidence that Heard was never nearly as popular as De Armas. And De Armas wasn’t the only star used in this example.

8th GalGadot

They also compared Heard’s public image to Gal Gadot’s because both had appeared in DC superhero films, Gadot played Wonder Woman and Heard played Mera in them Aquaman. Once again, Depp’s team provided testimony and evidence that Heard wasn’t nearly as popular as Gal Gadot.

7 Zenedaya

Like Gadot and De Amaras, Zenedaya’s public image has been addressed and compared to Heard’s as both were the romantic leads in superhero films.

6 Chris Kiefer

Pine was raised to the same standard as well. He was the male romantic love interest in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman on both occasions wonder woman and Wonder Woman 1984. None of the stars used as examples of Q-scores were used for the statement. However, one example on this list, Jason Momoa, kept popping up throughout the process.

5 Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage entered the equation on day one of Johnny Depp’s now-viral testimony. When Depp spoke about his life story and the abuse he once suffered from his mother before fleeing to Hollywood, Cage was mentioned because Depp owes his career to Cage. According to Depp, Nic Cage introduced him to her agent, who got him his first film role Nightmare on Elm Street. We all know what happened to Johnny Depp after that.

4 Elon Musk

Both Depp and Amber Heard’s romantic involvements have come under scrutiny during the trial, and one of Heard’s exes is billionaire Elon Musk. Heard and Musk met shortly after she and Depp split. During the trial, several texts from Johnny that were incredibly derogatory towards Musk surfaced during cross-examination. Depp reportedly sent texts calling Musk “ballless” and referring to him as an “Elon mollusk.” If someone had “Johnny Depp calls Elon Musk a snail” on their bingo card, cross it out now.

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3 James Franco

There’s nothing funny about a domestic violence lawsuit, and it’s even sadder when allegations of infidelity come into play. Depp’s lawyers have been pressuring Heard and her team heavily over her relationship with James Franco, another actor accused under the banner of the Me Too movement. Allegedly, Heard Depp cheated on several occasions with James Franco, and footage of him entering her penthouse the day before they filed for divorce has been included as evidence.

2 Jason Momoa

Few stars have been named as often as Jason Momoa. Although Depp and Heard’s team were never subpoenaed to testify, they compared Momoa’s career to Heard’s career on several occasions. Not only that, some claimed that Heard was kicked out aquaman 2 not because of her case with Johnny Depp, but because executives and filmmakers thought the two had little to no chemistry when it came to filming Aquaman together. This has been confirmed by Walter Hamada, DC’s executive director in charge of their cinematic universe.

1 Kate Moss

But the biggest surprise of the case was Kate Moss. When she testified, Heard claimed she was concerned about Depp’s abuse and her sister’s life because of an alleged incident between Depp and Moss in the 1990s. When they met, rumors circulated that Depp had pushed Moss down the stairs when they were feuding in the Bahamas. Ben Chu, Johnny Depp’s attorney, dropped his jaw in shock when she brought it up. Shortly after, during her rebuttal trial, Depp’s team brought Kate Moss into testimony, and she quashed the rumor once and for all. She even made Johnny sound like a perfect gentleman by saying that he got her medical attention and carried her back to her room. Heard’s team didn’t bother to cross-examine Moss. Many believe her testimony, while the briefest of the trial, completely destroyed Heard’s case.

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