Amouranth and the sad objectification of streamer women

Content Warning: The following article may contain topics that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

A few days ago popular Twitch streamer Amouranth posted one long thread on her personal Twitter about her chilling encounters with a stalker. This is just one of the many instances where internet celebrities have engaged with the creepy people on social media.

Her stalker had come from Estonia, Europe, and had literally sold all of his belongings just to travel to a Houston hotel in front of Amouranth’s PO Box. He camped in a Starbucks next to her mailbox, apparently just hoping Amouranth would come to that location. He had even sent her explicit pics in her DMs, which is just gross and creepy.

This stalker also streamed everything in real time on Twitch for more than a month. It got to the point where he reached Amouranth’s actual apartment and attempted to break in. Luckily, Amouranth had safety and she was able to call the police before anything unsafe happened. He was eventually arrested and is not in the general area, but this whole situation is just one example of how some weird people on the internet are obsessed with popular streamers.

YouTube streamer Ludwig summarizes the situation in a video on his alternative channel, Mogul Mail, and cites other examples of streamers being harassed and stalked. We will go through some of them in this article.

Cute Anita is another popular streamer on Twitch and has had several stalkers in the past. Check out this tweet below showing a delusional fan falling in love with the streamer.

He says things like, “I don’t like feeling like a stalker. That was never my goal. I never wanted to fall in love. But here I am.” It seems crazy when he says, “But we need to go back over the last 6 months and see how we could have done better. Because last week I could have sworn you wanted to be romantic with me.”

For Twitch streamer Nico, a crazy delusional stalker fell in love with her and wrote a blog about her that has been going for five years. There are 246 pages of this man assuming that whatever this Nico would do has to do with him. Nico says, “This person watched a lot of my streams and took everything I said in any general context and made it about him.”

Amouranth and other streamers like her actually make content that is generally aimed at a male audience. Her content is quite sexual in nature – she would do ASMR and lick the mic, do hot tub streams in a bikini and show off her cleavage on the stream. Some people would argue that these women are disrespected and persecuted for their sexual and lewd content (which is illogical). But the truth is, even non-racy female streamers are being objectified all the time. This tweet from LuluLuvely further proves my point.

This is where we get really gross. There is this subreddit called r/C*mTributes. It’s basically weird people on Reddit who put pictures of female streamers like Lulu on their phones. Then they literally masturbate to them, ejaculate on their phone screen and post it on Reddit. Note that the women in these images are fully clothed and literally just sitting in chairs and not trying to be sexual at all.

It’s crazy how pretty much every famous streamer has had an encounter with a stalker or delusional person who is in a parasocial relationship. In case you didn’t know, parasocial relationships are “one-way relationships in which one person radiates emotional energy, interest, and time, and the other party, the persona, is totally unaware of the other’s existence.” More awareness should be raised to avoid future harassment. Unfortunately, it seems inevitable, but something should be done to punish such people.

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