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[Strange New Worlds news and review starts at 16:05]

Tony and Laurie kick off FedCon in Germany with an update from Paramount studio boss Brian Robbins on the next Star Trek movie, complemented by Simon Pegg’s “I don’t bloody know” commentary (and enthusiasm to make the movie). Then they discuss Marina Sirtis’ account of the great farewell to the TNG cast Picard Season 3 (compared to how things went Star Trek: Nemesis), Wonder Executive Producer Aaron Waltke’s explanations of the USS Dauntless and the forthcoming return to production of discovery. They recommend the latest episode of The shuttle pod Podcast, talk about the £20 enterprise in the room built by TOMY, then cover the latest news Strange New Worlds, including a guest appearance by Jesse James Keitel, more information on Kirk’s presence in Season 2, and the future appearance of Dr. Roger Korby. Then they dive into their review of SNW Episode 6, “Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach.” You end up looking at wrath of the khan Ice Cream (and other related celebrations) and a surprising Star Trek connection between TOS matte artist Albert Whitlock and the great Mel Brooks.


Paramount Studio Chief: “Star Trek 4” nearing the starting line; Says the audience wants more Kelvin crew

Marina Sirtis: TNG casts “Cherished” in Star Trek: Picard Season 3 after she was “discarded” in “Nemesis.”

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producer Reveals Details About Admiral Janeway’s USS Dauntless

Michelle Paradise tweets an image indicating production is underway discovery to start soon

The Shuttle Pod Crew explores where the TOS characters are during Strange New Worlds

Toy Maker TOMY Makes 32-Inch Die-Cast “Star Trek” USS Enterprise Weighing 20 Pounds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds introduces non-binary character played by Jesse James Keitel

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds clues emerge about James T. Kirk and Roger Korby

Stratos from “The Cloud Minders” by TOS

TNG’s “Mystery”

The Son’a and the Ba’ku out Star Trek: Insurrection

Ursula K. Le Guin’s short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Trek bits:

Tony: Wrath of P’Khan Ice Cream (and others wrath of the khan 40th Anniversary Plans)

Laurie: The Memoirs of Mel Brooks All about me! My remarkable life on the show business

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