A delicious late-night snacker, Kourtney is living her “best life” with Travis

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker prove they’re the perfect late night snack in a racy Daring Foods photo shoot.

The newlyweds posed for a shoot for the plant-based meat brand — and it’s the classiest food commercial we’ve ever seen.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are known for their health-conscious lifestyles: from Travis’ vegan diet to Kourtney’s obsession with gluten-free products. Unsurprisingly, lovebirds are the new face of Daring Foods.

The announcement comes weeks after Sister Kim was introduced as Beyond Meat’s chief flavor advisor. The SKIMS founder eats mostly vegan. While she’s not 100% as committed as Travis, many suggested he was a better fit for the brand, and it looks like Daring Foods has listened to people.

Posing in lingerie and bubble baths, the photos scream Kravis as the hottest food ads ever.

The pictures look mighty fine, and we’re not talking about the chicken.

Kourtney next to her Daring Foods fridge

New Ms Barker uploaded her campaign for the first time last week. Brilliantly captioned: “Guys, there are chickens that are dying. Why we love Daring Foods Plant Chicken.” In case you forgot, the phrase is a twist on her iconic quote “Kim, there are people who die” when her sister lost her diamond earring in the ocean.

It wouldn’t be a Kravis photoshoot without a little rock and roll chic. In a skintight red snake print dress and leather choker, Kourtney looks flawless as she munches on a Daring Foods chicken nugget while Travis admires her over her shoulder.

Not sure if he’s checking the food or his wife – most likely the second.

It seems the Barkers would love to pair their chicken alternative with champagne and strawberries.

Fans say she’s living her best life with Travis

The 43-year-old had never previously appeared in a campaign with her significant other (sorry Scott!). However, it is a testament to how much she loves Travis.

“She was living her best life,” several fans commented under the campaign, while another added, “You two radiate love and happiness.”

Earlier this month, Kourtney slammed the Hulu producers for focusing on her drama with Scott on the reality series during her engagement episode, rather than her “fairytale love story that’s my reality.”

Kendall Jenner briefly questioned her ex, but the mother-of-three felt it was inappropriate to keep her given the circumstances. She asked the editors to give her and Travis their “moment,” but we think Daring Foods did the job.

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