9 Queer Video Game Streamers You Should Watch This Fall

As the weather turns colder and you’d rather stay indoors, you might be looking for more things to keep in the background or wear while indulging in your fall-flavored vices. Personally, there’s nothing I enjoy doing more than pouring myself tea and snuggling up against my computer monitor watching strangers play video games online.

During the frantic start of quarantine, I was somewhat reassured by the sounds of streamers talking and the video games they were playing as I went about my daily chores. I searched for a game I liked, clicked around a bit, and finally found a streamer that had a community I felt comfortable with. Which mostly was a streamer who was openly queer or who had taken measures to ensure their stream was a safe space.

For those interested in watching people play video games but not sure where or who to start with – check out this list of amazing queer streamers/content creators. And if you like these streamers and find that you enjoy their content, consider donating directly to them as the platform they stream on takes a portion of their profits.

grandma (her/her)

When I think of places where I feel safest as a viewer, Granny’s stream is the first that comes to mind. For the most part, Granny is a variety show streamer, but she often plays horror games known as Sundae Scaries during her Sunday stream.

Find Granny on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.

Blizzb3ar (he/him)

Blizzb3ar is a variety streamer with an absolute heart of gold. You can find him investigating true crimes, chatting with his chaotic viewers, building intricate Lego sets and keeping things cozy.

Find Blizzb3ar on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

KiwiOnTheSticks (she/her)

KiwiOnTheSticks is a creative and helpful variety show streamer that makes watching games you’ve never played before exciting. She plays a wide range of games – excluding first person shooters and horror games – and sometimes does makeup or cooking streams.

Find KiwiOnTheSticks on Twitch, Twitterand Instagram.

LeeshCapeesh (she/they)

LeeshCapeesh is a content creator, mom, and self-proclaimed astrology nerd who streams many different types of video games – from cute dating simulators to haunting indie horror. Tune into one of their streams for a welcoming space, jokes, and possible tequila shots.

Find LeeshCapeesh on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube.

LuxieGames (her/her)

LuxieGames is a full-time streamer who enjoys playing cozy and cute games animal crossing, The Sims, and more. Watch one of her streams and you might catch a glimpse of her two adorable dogs, her adorable wife Bean, and possibly a viewer favorite – the hot dog dance.

Fine LuxieGames on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube.

PikaChulita (she/her)

PikaChulita is a charity and DEI focused streamer who enjoys platform, horror, simulation and action-adventure games. You can usually stream PikaChulita in the late afternoon and evening.

Find PikaChulita on Twitch, Twitterand Instagram.

DEERE (they/them)

DEERE is a streamer and drag queen with a passion for spooky and weird games. You can see her play her way through the scariest games of the moment while serving up looks.

Find DEERE on Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.

WhatifJulia (her/her)

WhatifJulia is a full-time streamer and photographer. She plays a variety of games including story games like Elden ring and board games like Mario Kart and mario party. A good portion of their streams run late at night into the early morning.

Find WhatifJulia on Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.

SuperButterBuns (her/her)

SuperButterBuns is a streamer and YouTuber focused on content to help other players discover new games. You can most likely find them streaming on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. She also reports on the latest gaming news every second Sunday!

Find SuperButterBuns on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.

Obviously, these streamers are just a few examples of the vibrant LGBTQ+ gaming community that’s out there. You might find a very different comfort streamer that speaks to you and makes you feel like you’re being seen. Please share other streamers or YouTubers you like in the comments below!

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